Working at the casino

We already covered in a previous article how we can get a job as a dealer working in a casino. This article will cover other jobs we can get in casinos, as there are far more openings than just those working directly with gambling.

In addition, if we are looking to work in a casino it is because we love it, we think it can be exciting, but also because of the work benefits, including both retirement and medical ones. Usually, the pay is good too, but even at those casinos that offer minimum wage, they still add tips on top of that, and we know how significant those might be.

Not forgetting we can be working at a resort, we get a friendly working environment where we see happy people, and we cannot put a price tag on that. So, which job to select?

Job openings

Working at a resort, or something similar to a resort, we will find similar jobs to those available on hotel and restaurants, and other entertainment companies.

Apart from hotel, restaurants, and entertainment vacancies, we also have openings for security and surveillance because as we can imagine, casinos have a strong sector for this area. Marketing, events, and credit are other areas the casinos usually hire.

Get in…

Everything begins when we are hired. Once we are in, a whole world of promotions and transfers are available to us, but first, we need to get in to be able to benefit from that. If we look at the staff of some casinos, we see that some managers have started as slot attendants, while others have worked all their lives for the casino, so this says a lot about how stable it is to work there.

What we are saying here is that the initial position is not that important, as in a matter of months we might get a promotion. So the logical steps are to pick the casino that we want to work in, check their site to if they are hiring, and apply.

If you really want a certain casino and they are not hiring, make a spontaneous application, we never know when they will actually need someone highly motivated.

… and get moving

Let’s say we got hired. Sometimes 90 days it’s all it takes for a transfer or even a promotion to be possible. Do note that our work is being evaluated, so we have to perform faultlessly, be punctual, and don’t miss any days at work.

It’s hard work, especially because it involves a lot of holidays and weekends, busiest hours for the entertainment sector where the casinos are situated. Best shifts are given to the senior workers, but with time we can get to those positions too.

With time, not only the best shifts and positions are available, but also training for those positions, what means professional growth for the working casino professional.

Working in a resort, good pay, and benefits, training and promotions, be in a gambling environment filled with glamour, does this sound the description of a dream job or not?