Woods, Sheen, Sinatra and more

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We have recently seen a few celebrities who love gambling and that have made their name in Vegas or other gambling cities. Today we will take a look at some more, starting with Tiger Woods, a man well-known as being one of the best all-time golf players, but also for his personal life affairs, and… gambling!

Tiger Woods

Needless to say that Woods plays at high roller tables, but not just any high-rollers tables. These were private suites where among the other players we could find Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. To get the big picture of what sort of game they were playing, we can mention each hand was $25,000!

Golf seems to be a part-time now for Woods as gambling and Playboy models occupy most of his time. His gambling activities have cost him a sum close to 50€ million in approximately 7 years, so no surprise he his highly appreciated by the owners of the casinos he visits, and he is treated accordingly, almost like a king.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is another celebrity who loves gambling, but maybe he takes it a little too far. Testimonies from Denise Richards, Sheen’s ex-wife, say that he could spend $200,000 every single week gambling, so this certainly seems like another addiction for Charlie.

Denise also said that when they were on their way to the hospital Sheen was on the phone placing bets with bookies on diverse sporting events. Why were they going to the hospital? Nothing too much, just the birth of their daughter. This was actually later confirmed, as there are pictures of him checking the newspapers on the sports bets section.

For Charlie Sheen, gambling surpasses entertainment, something he started doing when he was a teenager and continue until today even when he should be on romantic getaways.

Frank Sinatra

Sinatra is called Vegas favorite son, and when he died in 1998 the hotels on the Strip turned off their lights in a sign of respect. After all, there aren’t many who have done so much as him to make Vegas as big as it is today.

Sinatra and the Rat Pack were at home when they were in Vegas in the 1950s, as they were spending there a lot of time singing, drinking and, of course, gambling. They were a big attraction for thousands of people who went to that desert city just to see them and how they lived.

The Sands Hotel and Casinos were their home, and they even gave Sinatra $50,000 to gamble, and this generosity happened simply because that when he was at the casino floor this attracted a lot of people, many of them high-rollers, so it was more an investment than an offer to Sinatra.

Finally, Sinatra moved from the Sand Casinos to the Caesars Palace, and do you know how he was announced? Simply “He’s here”!

Playboy Bunnies

Playboy bunnies are another type of celebrities, with different merits, but seeing them as live dealers is certainly an attraction for many. This is what thought the All Slots Casino when they introduced the measure, and even if we don’t have data, we believe they have increased their number of visitors.

In this casino, there are Playboy-themed games, and the interaction with the dealers obviously gains a new appeal, so this just proves how casino owners these days are creative in their market to attract and use celebrities for gambling.