Winning at the slots

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There is no real magic to win at the slots, or else everyone would be doing it and casinos would be on the red. Usually, we are the ones on the red though. Sure, we play because we love it, but some wins now and again are a strong motivator to play even more.

Google searches, books, tutorials, there are thousands of pages and videos that offer tips for slots, but do those really make us win more often or winning is just something random and depending on luck?

First, we need to have in mind that we will all lose sometimes, so the key is to make that happen less often than the times we win. This will make us build a bankroll and, with that, another sense of security and confidence when we play.

Of course, we play for entertainment, even if some are pros, but we will have a lot more fun if we are playing with money we can afford to lose.

Slots tips that do work

First, we need to see slots as a respectful opponent, meaning, we should not address it as something basic where we just hit the button. No, underestimating the game will be the first step to our defeat. The debate here is about how to win, and not just how to play.

So, start by understanding the game, and namely understanding the paylines fully. Are you certain you get them? What about when we get a result, we think we won, and in fact, we didn’t? So maybe we are missing something.

We need to take the game seriously, we need to analyze it and understand it before we start playing, and this is tip one, know the basics. Rules, payout percentages, multipliers, and bet sizes, this is a good place to start winning.

Knowing even more

Knowing how much each spin costs is basic too, so we need to have that mastered before we actually hit the button. When trying out a new slot, we should mess around for a while with the values to know what costs what, and this is a gambling lifesaver.

Picking the right game will also bring us more chances of making money, namely if we pick a machine with high payout percentages and also one that offers big jackpot values. If there is a machine offering payouts of 65% and other of 95%, we will obviously win more at the 95% one. If we are uncertain about payouts we can always ask this information to the casino or just google it.

Summing up

It’s all a matter of calculating the return of our investment, what in practical terms means that cheaper slot machines are many times poor investments. In them, we won’t lose much, but we won’t win much either.

Playing the somewhat more expensive slots will give us access to the bigger prizes, already at a serious money level. Surely that we need to know our limits, but this just means we cannot lose more money than what we can afford to.

Picking the most popular slots or the newer machines also gives us more chances of winning, and the logic behind this is simple. If a game is new or popular is because the casino has invested in it, so it can’t fail and it has to give prizes.

Finally, if you see a bonus, go for it, they are real and a great opportunity for us to cash in more than usual.

Surely, these simple tips don’t guarantee any wins, but they will make us a better player and, therefore, increase our odds of winning.