Trump Taj Majal memorabilia and furniture set to be liquidated

How the mighty have fallen.   Just two decades ago, now President Donald Trump was advertising the Taj Majal as the Eight Wonder of the World after having built it at a cost of over a billion dollars.   Fast forward to today, and the Taj Majal has been shuttered for almost a year and recently sold for $50M to Hard Rock.  

To add insult to injury, the furniture and other items located within the hotel and casino are being sold in what will basically be a giant yard sale, with small tags placed on every item with very low prices and customers being allowed to simply walk through the hotel and take whatever items they want to buy, basically a great place to get used furniture like beds, nightstands, lamps and even the mini-frigs from the room.

Due to legal issues, no items with the Trump name will be sold at the liquidation and the company has said there has been no increase in demand for items from the hotel and casino, which are expected to be sold at items similar to other casino liquidations.   There is expected also to be very little demand for items related to the unique designs and decorations of the hotel which replicate the Taj Majal.

The company holding the liquidation does expect there to be large amounts of foot traffic and people wanting to view the property´s firestorm sale after its´long and controversial history, but from all accounts the expected traffic is not expected to result in higher demand for the purchase of items, which is why the company does not plan to price items higher than any previous liquidations.  Some numbers being mentioned include $25 for beds and $3 for table lamps, with poker tables going for around $500.  It is important to note that slot machines and much of the actual gambling equipment is not being sold, other than some basic game tables.