Thebes Online Casino

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Thebes Casino is another brand that was available to USA players but now isn't. Since the casino has pulled away from the USA, we have a hard time recommending them since we don't know all that much information about the change of heart for American players. There are plenty of other casino choices available on our website, with recommendations.

Thebes Casino Review

Welcoming players to an all new form of entertainment is Thebes Casino. This is an online only brand that is available to players who want the same thrills from a casino but in their own environment. Whether it’s at home or by the pool, this casino has a great set of games and promotions for players to take full advantage of 24 hours a day. The promotions at Thebes Casino are available daily and offer something new and exciting.

Thebes Casino Bonuses

  • Monday: Making a deposit on Monday brings extra perks! Players who deposit $200 will receive a 200% deposit match bonus that allows players to have some additional money to play with. In addition to this amount, players will have an additional 150% match available to them on their next deposit.

  • Tuesday: There are several bonuses that are available for players on this day, in total there are four bonuses where players will gain from deposit match bonuses. These promotions are available to players who make deposits from $200 to $1,000.

  • Wednesday: In total there are three different promotions that can be used on this day and the minimum deposit amount to use them is $200. There is even a 250% deposit match bonus for players who want to spend $500 on their deposit on Wednesday.

  • Thursday: Similar to the other days of the week, players will have a 150% 200% 250% and 300% deposit match bonus available. Players will need to make deposits between $200 and $1,000.

  • Friday: Players will have a 150% and a 250% deposit match bonus which players can use on many different games. The 150% is for deposits up to $200 and the 250% is for deposits higher than $200.

  • Saturday: 350%, 300%, and 250% deposit match bonuses are available for Saturday depositors. Here players will be able to make deposits between $20 and $1,000 to be able to take advantage of these promotions.

  • Sunday: There are just two promotions for the last day of the week, a 250% bonus is for deposits that exceed $200 and when that one is redeemed, an automatic coupon is available for 150% on the next deposit.