Table Games Scandals

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Table Games are fascinating that involve many times lots of money as we know and have seen in previous articles. These are the necessary condiments to generate some scandals, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

Cutter Gang

One well-known story refers to the so-called Cutter Gang that was active in 2011. This group managed to cheat their way into making millions playing baccarat, with a pretty simple scheme. They accepted the offer to cut the deck when the dealer was shuffling the cards and, in this process, one of the gang members would put a specific card separating the remaining cards.

Other gang members also had a camera hidden that enabled him to see the other cards. After seeing the card info on the camera they pass it on to yet another gang member, and with all that data available no surprise that they could cash in big time.

The police at the Cosmopolitan casino in Vegas finally caught them after winning over $1 million in one single night, so that was the end of the scheme.

High tech Lens

Technology plays a big role in casinos these days, but that also works the other way around when someone is trying to scam a casino. This is precisely what happened back in 2011 when a team of four mean scammed a casino for close to 70.000€ using high tech contact lenses.

To complement those lenses they also had invisible ink that was used to mark the kings and aces cards, and this become visible for the remaining team wearing those lenses. Pretty simple, but their big winnings lead to the police being called, and the adventure ended up in jail.

Barcelona High Stakes

Something strange happened in Barcelona in 2013, at the EPT event. Several players reported that their laptops were stolen from their rooms, to be returned later apparently unchanged. Finish player Jens Kyllonen was one of the players who had the problem that was not solved by the hotel security or the police, as video footage was not available.

Not even a PokerStars investigation discovered anything, but it was clear that the EPT high rollers were being targeted for an information attack.

Millions in the courts of law

Phil Ivey is a well-known poker player, but it was playing high stakes Craps and Baccarat that he earned over $10 million. The issue is that playing, in the long run, it’s impossible to beat these games, so how did Ivey manage to do it in two different casinos?

Simple, $10 million directly to his pocket after he spotted a deck with an error in a casino in England. Needless to say that the cards become easy to read. Funny enough, the same happened two years later in Atlantic City, and it’s one of the biggest controversies happening in gambling.

After two negative decisions from the courts of law, he appealed to the Supreme Court and his case was accepted for review. On the table is the interpretation of Section 42 of the Gambling Act, and the decision might determine that he has to return his millionaire winnings.