Stories and legends

As we have seen in previous articles, there are plenty of interesting stories in what concerns casinos, and some even involve the mystical of gambling. It’s no secret that some players believe that the gods influence our good fortune when we are at the tables.

In reality, it doesn’t really matter what we believe in because behind those buttons of the slots there is technology and predetermined results, but either case we do need to be lucky to get one of those winning results, so maybe those lucky trolls or other charms can make some difference.

Others believe that above the room where the slot machines are there is a guy watching people play and deciding who gets the jackpot just by looking at their faces, and even if this could be a good idea for a comedy movie, there no absolutely no truth in it, as we know gambling is heavily regulated, and that the machines are not controlled by people or the casino.

Winning jackpots

There are also myths claiming that the best ways to get jackpots at the slots is avoiding the machines who have given jackpots recently. This is not true at all, as the machines award prizes in a totally random way and the chances of getting a jackpot after another are exactly the same.

Also, don’t be surprised if you get three 7s and with that just a small prize because these days three sevens don’t offer a big reward.

This doesn’t mean the casino is making more money though, the odds remain unchanged, just the icons that award the jackpot have changed to keep an interest the players interested. On some slots, we even have fishes representing the lucky icons.

Believing that slots have their own rhythm is no more than a myth, they are programs to make them perform in a certain way and that’s it, and that’s why casinos have to be certified.

Just try your luck

Many of you might recall the story of Ashley Revell, back in 2004. As a part of a reality show, he sold all he had, right up to his clothing, to gather a sum superior to $135,000.

He was at the Plaza Casino in Nevada, and he decided to bet all that money in the roulette, all on red 7, and he got lucky, managing to double his money. After the crazy act, he had the good sense to stop gambling and walk away with over a quarter million dollars.

We have cases of someone who risks it all like Revell, and we also have the cases of those who get lucky the first time they play. This was what happened to Jessica Agbunag in 2004, when she was in Vegas for the first time, and earned over $2 million.

This happened when she was with her family in Vegas for her grandmother’s anniversary, and it was the grandmother who loved gambling, so it was not her initiative to go there. Once in Rome, act like the Romans, and Agbunag tried the Wheel of Fortune and other games, but it was a $16 attempt on a Mega-Jackpot slot that gave her the big prize, $2.4 million.