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Slovenia joined the European Union on May 1st, 2004, and the Euro was adopted as currency less than 3 years later, in May 2007. Ljubljana is the capital of the country that has Slovenian as the official language. The population is just over 2 million inhabitants, and the country borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary.

These days gambling in Slovenia is legal inside casinos, and sports betting and the lottery are legal too, so overall gambling in the country is a more and more common activity.


Until 1989 gambling was illegal in Slovenia, and it was only after the independence from Yugoslavia that the gambling industry started to be developed. This was an unregulated market up to 1995, date of the implementation of the Gambling Act when casinos and existing slots were made legal.

The Slovenian Gambling Act made gambling attractive both to locals and to foreign citizens, namely in the format of casinos for tourists. These days the gambling industry represents 25% of the tourism income, and more than twelve gambling facilities exist in the country.

Naturally that the more players have access to gambling, the bigger are the taxes that benefit the country, and this was a motivation when implementing appropriate legislation, a process that took almost a decade.

In present Slovenia has 13 casinos operating in 11 cities across the country, a big number considering that the country only has 2 million inhabitants.

2013 brought more changes for both land and web-based operations, as a new law was created that made gambling report directly to the Ministry of Finance. This happened after Slovenia joined the European Union; the European Commission required that legislation was according to the other EU countries.

This new legislation indicates, among other development, the penalties for the unlicensed operators, and the measures include fines, blocking their sites by the ISP (Internet Service Provider), as well as restrictions on financial transactions.

Online Gambling

The new Gaming Act defines the terms under which online gambling happens, namely that before operating in Slovenia, a license is required. The sites operating without a license risk heavy fines, and the ban from the country.

The legislation was a need for the sector, as, before its appearance in 2013 the online gambling status was not defined, it was not legal or illegal, but the government was not issuing any licenses for web-based operators.

The regulation of the market is taking time, but there are already some foreign casinos and gambling sites available for the Slovenians. There are also around ten sites who provide gameplay in Slovenia, and another hundred that are presented in other languages.

The efforts made to block foreign sites, and to stop players from gambling there is pretty much fruitless, as any site can appear again with another domain and the government cannot do much about it, so the path to follow is to regulate the market.

Where can Slovenians gamble online?

Online casinos are widely used in Slovenia, far more than poker, so when looking for a safe and quality casino to play, we leave here some suggestions.

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