NetEnt Slots

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Net Entertainment Slots

Net Entertainment, also known as NetEnt is one of the most likable brands when it comes to online gaming. Most people who view the site are instantly intrigued. This brand offers a whole lot to its players and it shows from the first glance. Net Entertainment is a company that is highly sought after. Once the players get a taste of what this casino software brand has to offer, they’re always looking for more casinos to play at with this same software. Some might wonder why a player would leave a casino to find another but it all comes down to the bonuses. Some casinos have better bonuses than others and for the most part, that’s something worth trying other casinos for.

The slots that are offered by Net Entertainment are made with precision and have the player’s best interest in mind. At casinos who offer the Net Entertainment software, the players will have many different types of games. The slots can reach from 3 spinning reels all the way up to 5 spinning reels. In addition to a different reel count for each game, players will have sticky wilds, bonus rounds and jackpots that vary in size. Some slots will even have somewhere between one and three jackpots depending upon the game.

With Net Entertainment, players will have the opportunity to find many games that are here for their pleasure. The games have a wide variety of topics which range from exciting to scary and everything in-between. At casinos who offer the software, players will be able to use their desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device. The casinos won’t offer a download but instead, players will use the games through their browser window. This is convenient for players who have a mobile device that require space for additional apps.

In 2014, casinos handled over 21 billion transactions running off of the Net Entertainment software. This is a record-breaking number for this brand as well as others and means big things for the company. Players who choose this brand should expect big things to come in the future with this ever-growing online casino option. The company is made up of more than 700 employees which range from talented artists, game operators, executives and account managers to keep the games running smoothly with little to no downtime.

The games that are offered by Net Entertainment can be found in over 100 different casinos around the internet. The companies that welcome players will primarily be open to players in the UK as well as other countries around the world. In total, there are more than 200 different games which players can use and get the hang of. The games have titles for everyone with even some unlikely themes like holidays, gardening, shopping and much more. Net Entertainment is mostly known for the games that are created in combination with the makers of movies and television shows.

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