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Slots.lv Online Casino Experience

The Slots.lv homepage presents 3 main highlights at the top, and below the games organized by 7 different categories in a tab navigation style. Under the 24 games, we find an overview of the online games, slots, bonuses and promotions and deposit options appears, while scrolling further down we have what it seems to be blog entries on gaming strategy for the different types of casino games.

On the top right corner, there is a nicely structured drop-down menu with all the relevant categories.

What to love about Slots.lv Online Casino

Top Menu: Those three lines on the superior right corner of the page hold the keys to the site. From there we can access Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Specialty, New Games, Exclusives, Promotions, Referrals, Banking, Articles, and Help. Very simple, yet complete menu.

Games Menu: As already mentioned above, the games menu includes 7 categories: Most Popular, Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Specialty, New Games and Exclusives. The menu allows easy access to the games, and this is important, as finding or seeing a game is halfway to playing it.

Game Page: Clicking on any game link generates a pop-up window that has an image of the game, the title, the possibility to play for money or practice, and an overview. The Full description button is also available, and by clicking there the pop-up expands down, presenting additional pictures, features of the game, and depending on the game, a how-to-play section. Excellent game presentation.

What is strange about Slots.lv Online Casino

The bottom half of the homepage: The homepage of Slots.lv doesn’t impress much, but the bottom half is just too disorganized. The “Overview of our Online Casino Games” appears out of nowhere, the text doesn’t even seem to be formatted, and the expandable fields of the sections below don’t look better. The featured articles don’t have a title or even a section name, so the player has to guess what those are.

Banking: To access the banking section a player must be registered, something that doesn’t make sense, as knowing the banking terms might be a determinant factor for the player to decide if he/she wants to register or not.

Support: We can’t say the support section is bad, but it could be a little more straightforward. To access support, one needs to click on help and the FAQ opens. From there we have the sentence “Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact Us.”. Right. And from there a contact form opens, but at the bottom of the form, a hidden until now chat window option appears. Also, no phone contact is available.

Articles: Having an articles section is a great idea, but the way these are presented is not ideal. Basically, the articles are deposited on the page with no logical order, some have a category, some don’t, so it’s pretty much a mess. Categories and tab navigation could make this an excellent feature for the site.

Slots.lv Online Casino Rating: 6/10

Slots.lv site might not have a top layout and graphical appeal, but the clean and useful menus, along with the diversity of game offer and quality of the game pages give it a positive evaluation.

On the downside we find the access to the banking section only after registering, and also the unfinished or complicated look some of the pages have, namely Support, Articles, and the Homepage. 6 out of 10 rating for Slots.tv.