Skill Games

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Gambling is already huge worldwide, but casino owners won’t stop until they assure that casinos keep growing, and this passes by finding new games that keep people entertained. There are other motivations though, like replacing less profitable games like some slots, for skill games arcade style.

Pretty smart move, to create new games with better odds for the house, and at the same time make people even more interested in gambling.

In the search for the next big thing, we find virtual roulette, digital spinning wheels, and other new games. Obviously that this will not be the end of slots that, as we know, represent a considerable slice of the casino’s income, but it’s taking a step in the right business and entertainment direction.

Gambling motivation

Sure that we all play for fun, but we like to win too, and is it more appealing to sit at the slots or try games with higher payouts? The focus is naturally to keep people playing, and that is why the next big thing is still in the casino labs.

Brainstorming the next games for casinos, responsible people from the industry want people to keep and increase their interest on physical gambling, but the increase of penny slots with worse odds aren’t as fascinating as games with a bigger wager.

Thing is that even if slot revenue is a big piece of the cake, it’s in decline for some years now, and this can be happening because people might have been playing it less often. For this and other reasons, it’s just normal that casinos and slot machine makers are surveying the market trying to understand what’s happening and what’s next.

Making the change

The increase of rewards for the loyalty of the slot players is on the table, and this is seen as a good measure to revert the drop on the slot machine numbers, but it’s not just about making the slots more appealing.

We can name the recession, talk about odds or the simple fact that this new generation of new gamblers has less interest in slots, but the fact is also that players have demonstrated they want a skill challenge.

The approval of regulations that include the players’ skill as having a role in winning is certainly a sign that times are changing, and this can mean casinos could be making more money in these skill arcade style games.

Some casinos have already given other steps, like redesigning some of their floors in order to accommodate this new skill electronic games that include roulette, baccarat or craps, just with the absence of a dealer.

I don’t think anyone will be surprised to know that the players on this sort of games are more than a decade younger than the rest of the players at the casino, so it’s really a matter of preparing the casino for the younger generations.

This doesn’t mean that casinos are abandoning the traditional users who prefer the traditional games, this just means that are paying attention to the new generation and the games they prefer.