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Silver Oak Online Casino Experience

The homepage at Silver Oak Online Casino presents 4 huge highlights that center the attention: $10.000 free on the first 10 deposits, New mobile casino, Ancient Gods New Game, and the Crewpon promo code of up to $1.000 free every month.

This starting screen doesn’t occupy the whole page, but the structure is well organized with a top menu, support links, and also links for the most popular games, latest winners, tournaments, and promotions.

What to love about Silver Oak Online Casino

Promotions: This section could perfectly be on the “What’s strange” area of this review given the awkward layout and aesthetics, but the good navigation and clarity of information presented make the promotions a positive point for Silver Oak. The diversity of promotions and the explanations on how to redeem the coupons are very helpful for the player.

Support: Having the toll free support number and the live chat icons at the top of the page is an invitation for the player to seek help. The main support page, available at the link “Contact us” is simple and easy to understand.

Game rules and descriptions: At the bottom of the site there are several links available, namely to Online Slots, Online Blackjack, Video Poker, Online Baccarat and Online Craps. The ideal location for these links should be under the main games menu, but even so the contents are very good, as they explain the rules for the games and make a good description of each game.

What is strange about Silver Oak Online Casino

Homepage: As mentioned above, the homepage doesn’t occupy the whole screen, and the choice of colors and format is not the most appealing. A layout revamps would make the site look more modern and attractive.

Highlights: The highlights have good navigation, but they are too big. Except for the highlight of the new game, the others have too many elements and end up being confusing. The “Play”, “Win”, “Celebrate” titles underneath the highlights aren’t particularly well conceived either.

Games Menu: The main menu presents “Download”, “Webplay”, and “Games”. It would make more sense a single link for Games where all the information from those 3 links was grouped together harmonically.

Banking: There isn’t a single reference to banking at the Silver Oak homepage. Scrolling all the way down we do find the link “Site Map”, and clicking there we find a link for “Deposit”. Fees and limits are not mentioned, and “Requesting a Payout” directs the player to the FAQ, which is unfriendly.

Silver Oak Online Casino Rating: 5/10

The layout and presentation at the Silver Oak is not the best, and the linking and navigation don’t make sense most of the time. The banking section is unclear, and this is central for any player to know what to expect.

Promotions, support, and game rules and descriptions are positive aspects from the casino, but not enough to give it more than 5 out of 10 rating.