Regulated Online Casinos for UK Players

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UK Gambling Commission – The New Rules of Gambling in the UK

As the popularity of online gambling in the UK continues to grow it has become easier for patrons to access poker, casino games, bingo, and sports betting. The UK government has recently implemented a new approach to the regulating and licensing online casinos available to residents of the United Kingdom.

The government created the UK Gambling Commission which is responsible for the licensing and regulation of any online casino that offers service to UK players. If a casino wishes to recognized within the UK then they must get a license from the commission. This also allows a site to advertise their services throughout Great Britain.

Casino Game Fairness

When a patron uses a site that’s been licensed by the Gambling Commission, one of the advantages is the assurance that games of chance have been fairly tested by an unbiased third party. There are several reputable companies that can be relied on to provide fair testing and guarantee fair and random gaming. Companies offering this service include the following: eCOGRA, GLI Europe BV, GLI Test Labs Canada ULC, iTech Labs, Gaming Associates, NMI Metrology & Gaming Ltd, SQS India Infosystems PVT Ltd, and BMM Compliance. When a gaming company has their site audited by one of the following companies they will display the logo of the testing company they have used. With this logo, you can rest assured that any games you choose to play will be fair and the site is credible.


If you have never used an online gaming site in the past you may have some questions as to how the whole system works, along with the licensing process of the UK Gambling Commission. Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions concerning online gaming. If you have an additional question that is not answered here you can also access the website at as their site is packed with information and along with contact details should you need them?

How Old Must I Be to Play on UK Licensed Sites?

All gaming sites including gaming such as bingo, casino games, poker or any other games of chance require that all players be 18 years of age or older. This minimum age requirement put in place by the Gambling Commission also applies to bet on sporting events.

All gaming and betting sites will do checks to ensure that all players are at least 18 years old, should they find someone under-age playing they will close and block all accounts belonging to anyone found not to meet the age requirements.

Do I Have the Ability to Set Session Limits?

The Gambling Commission has mandated that all licensed gambling sites must put in place a system that allows players to set their own limits as to how much they wish to gamble or how long they wish to play. While playing on a licensed site within the UK you have the ability to limit how much time you spend on the site and you can also restrict how much money you can gamble at any one time.

Are there any AutoPlay Restrictions

While almost all sites will offer the autoplay feature, should you choose to use it you will find that there are rules in place that limit how many games you can play automatically? For example, 25 spins on a slot game will be the maximum allowed for automatic play.

The British Gambling Commission has put these rules in place to protect players. A player will not run the risk of setting the play for too many spins are spending their bankroll too fast or becoming dependent on the fast play option that auto play can offer.

What is Ukash and How Can I Use It?

Ukash gives players the ability to purchase prepaid vouchers from Pay Point or Pay Zone shops that allows them to send money to an online gaming site without using their bank account, debit or credit cards. Most sites that are licensed will accept these vouchers but when you purchase these vouchers be prepared to verify that you are over 18 years old.

Will My Winnings be Paid Out Quickly?

There is no law in place that states an online gambling site must pay you your winnings within a certain time frame. Online sites licensed by the Gambling Commission to adhere to a code of conduct and comply with strict regulations. Any winnings you have made from playing at a UK gaming site, you won’t have to wait for a long period of time to collect your money.

Are My Winnings Taxable?

If you are based in the UK you won’t be subject to tax on your winnings. You can rest assured that you can play safely knowing that any winnings you make on a licensed site are yours to spend however you wish. If you are based outside of the UK and have used the services of a UK licensed site you will be subject to the tax laws that are in place in your own country. You may want to check with local authorities on the tax implications of any winnings you may receive.

Are the Bonuses Offered Regulated?

All sites that are licensed through the UK Gambling Commission must have terms and conditions that are both fair and easy to read and understand regarding all of their bonus offers. Should you encounter a site that offers a bonus that doesn’t meet these terms and conditions or is unwilling to assist and resolve issues surrounding their bonuses you may contact the UK Gambling Commission.

Can I Get Help if I Have a Problem?

You can get in touch with the UK Gambling Commission at any time and if you are experiencing any type of problem you should contact them right away. They can help you with any site that has been licensed through them. Once you get in touch with the commission they can investigate the complaints on your behalf, they can help you get the problem resolved quickly and fairly.

Are All the Gambling Sites Advertising in the UK Licensed?

Yes, it is now illegal for any site that has not have a license in the UK to advertise their services. Only sites that have gone through the UK Gambling Commission licensing process are able to advertise their services, the commission actively enforces these laws.

Are the Mobile Sites Licensed As Well?

Yes, all sites whether you play them via your laptop or on a mobile phone must be licensed. Every site that advertises within the UK or to UK players needs to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. You can verify all of the licensed mobile and online gambling sites at the UK Gambling Commission website. You are encouraged to check the website before you spend money at any gaming site to make sure that they are in fact licensed.