Playtech Casinos

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Playtech Casinos

Since the inception of Playtech in 1999, the brand has been one of the largest publicly traded online software suppliers for gaming and betting. Playtech has always worked on the growing philosophy that by having great relationships with their licensees, the brand can thrive and create the best of the best in gaming. The in-house team of 50 employees comes together to create games from the ground up, starting with imaginative ideas. Each year, the brand creates and releases around 50 games consistently. This is great for the players who like to switch up their gaming preferences.

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Playtech is known for having leading gaming applications such as bingo, casino, poker, sports betting, live gaming and social gaming among other choices. The social gaming is probably the most unique feature when it comes to online gaming as players will have the ability to talk with others while they play the same game. The social casino option is the latest installment to the Playtech software library. The option has primarily grown on facebook which features a lot of slot games that use this feature. The games include impressive sound effects, realistic animations, and fun storylines to engage the players. With this style of casino software, players will have bonuses of their own as well as prizes to increase a player’s bankroll.

A constant flow of gaming is always available at casinos powered by Playtech software, the brand offers players some options such as downloading the games to their computer, playing instantly through the browser window or even playing on their smartphone or tablet PC. The games found on the mobile device are adjusted to adhere to the smaller screen size that tablets and smartphones have. The mobile platform is mostly known as the Mobile Hub, it was developed in 2012. It was one of the very first brands to open gaming to players who simply do not own a computer or feel like they really only get the itch to play when they are on the go. No matter how a player decides to utilize the Playtech software, they have multiple forms of entertainment.

One of the things that players might wonder about is how the casino works with them on playing from device to device. Players will use just one casino account to access their gaming no matter how they are playing whether it’s from the downloadable casino, instant play casino or mobile platform. Either way, their balance carries over as do their preferences. Playtech has several partnerships with the well-known movie and entertainment companies. This is not only fun for the players but it gives them a sense of a familiar brand. Playing a game that matches right up with one of their favorite movies is fun on so many levels.

For players looking for fun and excitement at every turn, a progressive game might just do the trick. Players will find the Win a Jackpot network to be mighty enticing! Players will have the chance to win multimillion-dollar jackpots at any given moment through a jackpot that may hit at random. This network brings together video poker, table games, slots, and side games. So far, the brand by Playtech has paid more than €195 million since 2002. Aside from the Win a Jackpot style of games, there are more than 500 different games available at any Playtech casino. Playtech caters mostly to players within the UK, Italian and Spanish markets with several different language options it makes the gaming playability jump in terms of ease of use.