Playtech Casinos

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Playtech Casinos

Playtech is a software provider that happens to be a favorite among UK online casino players. With this option, players will have a wide variety of different options that are available for gaming. Playtech was launched in 1999 by entrepreneurs from many different backgrounds. Some were already from the casino industry, others were software developers for regular games and another group was multimedia experts from around the world. Together, the company was created as one of the most diverse brands and spearheaded the online casino movement. Players were able to get into real money online casino games in Europe in 2002 thanks to Playtech, this was the first casino to go online.


At Playtech Casinos, you’ll find a wide variety of different options as far as game play and ease of use. Starting with a worldwide bingo network. That of which gives players the ability to interact and play alongside over 60,000 players daily with over 13,000 players at once during peak times. Another big perk to playing at a Playtech Bingo hall is that players will benefit from big prizes. The prizes are different depending on which casino the players choose to use. Some of the casinos will offer big jackpots from prize pools, other casinos will offer physical prizes like trips or other offerings. Not only do many of the casinos offered by Playtech have Bingo, but the Bingo platforms are also available on mobile devices.


At any given Playtech option for UK online casino players, there will be a wide variety of choices that are available. In total, there are 500 different gaming titles. The casino consists of slots, table games, video poker, and card games too. Some of the games even come with unique themes that are based around televisions, some of them are even from companies like MGM, NBC, Marvel, HBO, and others as well. At Playtech casinos, players will have the ability to either download the software to their computer or play instantly through the browser window without needing to download the software at all.


If you’re a person that is consistently on the go, Playtech might be the best option for you. Most UK online casinos will now offer a mobile platform in conjunction with the standard computer-based option. The mobile platform was introduced in 2012 and was created alongside bigger mobile-based companies like Mobenga. This gave Playtech a leg up on the competition as other casinos hadn’t yet started on their mobile platforms yet. While hitting the ground running, players now will have a great collection of games that mimic what is found on the casino’s website.

Playtech in UK online casinos

When you sign up for an online casino that uses the Playtech software, you might find that some of the brands will have either one software platform alone or they’ll offer the Playtech brand alongside a few others to have a more cohesive library. Either way, as long as Playtech is a contributor to the player’s time at the casino, they will have a top quality gaming experience that was designed with the player in mind.