Playing Slots Online for Real Money

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Slots is an easy game to play both online and offline as you basically just put your money in and either pull the arm or press the button and wait to see which pictures land up on the reel lines. Depending on the type of slot you are playing, their payout will be determined by what images come up on your pre-selected pay-lines. The only real difference between online and land-based slots are that online slots tend to set higher payouts and offer more generous bonuses for new players. Online slots also give you the option to learn the game without risking any money through a ‘free play mode’. If you want to learn how to play slots, just read on.

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Getting Started

Slot machines generally offer different coin denominations that range from 1 cent to $100. These machines are called multi-denomination machines and allow you to select your preferred coin denomination to play. They have an extra +/- button for you to increase or reduce the bet amount and also automatically calculate the number of credits to pay out in exchange for cash. Online casinos offer different themed slots where you just have to choose a game that you find pleasant to play as many come with a large verity of the top of the line graphics, sounds, and animation. Once you have chosen your machine, there are some basic rules on how to play slots online.

  • You first have to download the casino software and then create a casino account. Upon making a real money deposit, you must then choose the online slot game you wish to play, followed choosing your preferred coin denomination.

  • Next, select the number of pay-lines you want to play by activating the special Pay-line indicators or by clicking the ‘+/-‘ buttons located under the lines. Lastly, you will set your bet amount per line, then click Spin or Bet Max to start your slots game. Check the pay-table when the reels stop spinning to determine what winnings if any you have earned. These winnings will be automatically added to your account balance.

  • Repeat steps one and two to keep playing. That’s it!

Checking the payoff table

An important part of learning an online slot machine is the payoff table, the payoff table works similar to how a map key works. This table will tell you the winning combinations of the slot, and if you can get better payoffs just by betting multiple coins. So while multi-reel and multiline slots may look complicated, once you know how the game works, you can confidently put your money in the game.

Technology used

The main feature that sets slot machines apart from other casino games is the fact that there is no dealer or other players in the game. There is no chance of casino slots cheating you, as the designer sets random algorithms for the payoffs. Slots work on a random number generator (RNG) that are constantly working to keep the game fair for all players who visit the machine. This generator constantly generates random numbers which influence the period of spins and time of stop of reels. Once the reels stop spinning the symbols on the lines are compared to the winning payline pattern stated in the paytable. If there is a match, the win is calculated and paid out. The winning amount is the value of the bet per line multiplied by the winning paytable amount. Many machines have a different number of paylines on the reels, which in turn influence the possible number of combinations that may occur during the game and also affects the jackpot odds.

Progressive jackpots

Modern slots machines increase the player odds by increasing the variety of special substitute symbols, bonuses, and paylines in the machines. All this substantially influences the results of the game. Moreover, the conditional bets, bonus multipliers, additional bonuses and surprises in most slot machines enhance any gambler’s gambling experience. Some online slots also have progressive jackpots wherein the slot machine is connected to other slots machines and consequently pay a huge collective jackpot for one lucky player. However, the trade-off in these machines is that the odds of hitting a jackpot is low here; so don’t play a progressive expecting an easy win.


Online slot paylines are straight or zigzagged lines that make up the line wherein which your bet is placed on. It is the combination of symbols on the slot machine reels where you are paid if you made a bet on the winning combination. These paylines are depicted as standard patterns in the paytable and for a winning combination, the reels must have a minimum of two identical consequent symbols where the first one has to occur on the first reel.