Playing Craps Online for Real Money

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How to Play Craps is a hot topic many people are interested in, especially those who have witnessed their gambling friends play and win good amounts of money at their favorite online casino. However, playing this game is not as difficult as some people may think and by following a few simple rules, anyone will eventually be able to increase their chances of winning. The key when playing Craps is to grind up little downs or ups and cash in on those few hot shooters. When playing this game though, being aware of the best time to walk away from is the most important lesson a player should learn and that is why in the following paragraphs, this article will focus on offering more info about playing craps.

Making the Initial Bet

When playing Craps in an online casino, it’s recommended that players gamble one hundred dollars and then choose to have five dollar chips dealt by the game. Next, when the dice are rolled for the first time, the shooter will ”come out” for a point, which is very important because it’s the single time when craps (meaning two, three or twelve) is bad and the player can lose his ten dollars. At the same time, this is also the single situation in which a seven is good and if it rolls, then the player wins.

Practically, any number between four and ten becomes the point. Next, the player’s ten dollar pass line will bet that the point comes up again on a succeeding roll before a seven does. The game though can easily be ended by a “Seven out” and this means that all the bets will also be lost.

Craps Payout Table

When it comes to the payouts for a certain point being hit, they range greatly based on stats that a certain number is going to be rolled twice. Numbers that sum to four or ten pay two-one, five or nine pays three-two and a six or eight pays six-five. Playing craps online and having a solid strategy allows players to greatly increase their chances of winning. That is why one vital piece to playing Craps properly is placing odds. These are practically extra cash (generally allowed up to five times the initial bet) placed on a bet, but the thing is that they pay 2x the money.

For instance, considering that the point is eight and the player has ten dollars on it, he now lays another twenty dollars odd. As a result, if the eight will hit before the seven, the player will receive ten dollars multiplied by six/five which equals twelve dollars for his original bet and twenty dollars multiplied by six/five multiplied by two equals forty-eight dollars for his ten dollar odds bet.

Craps Point

After establishing a point and placing the odds, the player will need to lay another ten dollar stake on the come line. These types of bets work in a similar way to the pass line and it’s actually a chance to bet extra numbers. This specific number is practically created by the shooter’s next roll. If at any given time that number is going to be rolled again before a seven, the player will get paid. Even more, what is great about this system is that players earn twice the amount of money for odds placed on come bets.

Money On The Numbers

What players need to consider is working up to have cash on 3 numbers and when they manage doing so, the house’s advantage will be the lowest possible one. In this situation, any player will want to place a pass line bet that goes for the initial number and 2 other bets on different numbers. If any of the 3 numbers will hit on any roll, then the player will get paid. In case the point hits, every come bet will be sitting idle as the shooter comes out for an extra point. However, in case one of these bets hits, then the player will instantly get paid.

Playing Craps Online for Real Money

As this article conveys, playing craps is not as difficult as it sounds and it’s actually quite simple if people practice playing it. By following a few simple rules, everyone can eventually master this game and make a lot of money by playing at their favorite online casino.