One Players Perspective – Reasons I Prefer Gambling Online

Ever since I was a kid I loved playing games, it’s something I have in me that lead me to have a big passion for gambling. I recall being at high-school playing cards for money, but my partner was not exactly a good one so that not only cost me some money but also some laughs from my friends watching us play.

Lesson learned though and from then on I’ve always tried to depend just on myself, at least when some money is involved, because for the occasional slot I do like to get the wife involved and ask for her opinion, to see if I can develop some interest in gambling from her side. No such luck though.

My main game continues to be cards, more specifically poker. I started playing years ago and it’s something I immediately loved. It quickly evolved from playing at my friend’s place or my own to the actual casinos, where the whole scenario and the winnings obviously reach another dimension.

Participating in poker tournaments at casinos is one of the things that thrills me the most. Not only the possibility of winning some or even much money, but also the situation where I sit at the table and look at my opponents, trying to play the game the best as I can regardless of the hand I have. There’s a lot of observation, strategy, patience and poker faces involved in this game that simply makes my heart beat faster and always want to play more of it.

Life is not just about gambling though and soon enough I got myself a wife and kids, so my physical casino days were not exactly over, but gradually pretty much reduced. Fortunately for everyone, online casinos do exist and they allow me to continue doing what I love without spending the whole night or a really big number of hours there.

Online playing is a versatile style of play that is totally adequate to my current lifestyle: busy. So whenever I can I sneak out to my gambling world and play a few hands, make a few spins or make some bets. This is a relatively newer passion for me, sports or another sort of betting. When we can make a good analysis of the odds, we can make decent money with it.

Odds analysis is pretty much like playing in the stock market, but more fun obviously! We need to know our game, know the variables involved and, according to that, our moves. I recall my highlight of sports betting that gave me my biggest win, close to 3000€. I was betting on a tennis match and I knew the player with the higher odds was the stronger player. He had just come from juniors so he had no ranking, so the lower odds for the other player, with a better ATP ranking, was actually very much wrong. It proved that way and I won big time, even if I had to take the risk of investing my money, but that is just part of the game.

All in all, gambling is a good part of life. Its pure entertainment, it allows me to make some money sometimes and to learn from my mistakes other times, pretty much like in real life.