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Old Havana Casino Experience

Old Havana Casino provides a strong first impression with a good color combination, layout and images, leading the player to believe he/she is, in fact, entering a casino in Old Havana. The main message at the page is a 250% welcome bonus, but information of game previews, progressive jackpots, and casino support is available too.

The inferior part of the homepage is a welcome message covering topics like bonus promotions, games, software, banking, fair play, and support. Pretty good start for Old Havana Casino.

What to love about Old Havana Casino

Homepage: The homepage is well-balanced, it has a good menu, structure and all the relevant information, creating an engaging atmosphere and informing the players at the same time, telling them what the casino is all about, meeting the purpose of what a homepage should be like.

Main Menu: The main menu covers all the main casino topics (Promotions, Games, Banking, and Support) and still throws in the Blog and Fair Play making it easy for the users to browse through the site contents.

Individual Games page: The individual game pages are very complete. Each game has its own menu with How to Play, Rules, Strategy, Tips, History, and Glossary, so it can’t get any better than that. Screenshots and a Play Now button completely each page.

Banking: The banking page is easy to understand. It has two tables, one for deposits and one for withdrawals, and still adds useful information on how to proceed. Nothing like having all the information on banking compiled on the same location.

Support: 24/7 Support is announced on the superior right corner of the homepage, as well as on a banner at the bottom of the site. After accessing the support page the player can easily start a chat or send a support email.

What is strange about Old Havana Casino

Games page: The page we access when we click on games doesn’t cause a good first impression, as the screen only shows promotions and a short overview of games, not with the best layout. Scrolling further down we find a list of games organized by category, but again the layout seems from the 80s.

Progressive jackpots page: The progressive jackpots page is widely announced, not only at the homepage, but also in other interior pages, so it’s disappointing when clicking there to find a huge block of text and no games. At the bottom of the page we do find a “Click here to see all our jackpots”, but clicking there we are not lead to any game, so linking needs to be revised there.

Old Havana Casino Rating: 8/10

The layout from Old Havana Casino is a good one, with vibrant colors, pictures, structure and relevant information. The quality from the homepage is extended to the main menu, individual games page and the banking and support section, setting a high standard for the casino.

The 8 out of 10 rating is justified with the poor presentation at the games and progressive jackpots pages, which seem to have(n’t) been developed by the same team. An improvement on those two sections could definitely raise the rating from Old Havana Casino even further.