More Poker Scandals

Poker is one of the most well-known games in the world and involves a lot of money and emotions, as well as scandals, as we have seen in a recent article. Today we are going to see some more scandals that have happened in the poker and gambling world.

WPT cheater

Some might still remember the name of Ali Tekintamgac, winner of the 2011 WPT even in Barcelona, with nice prize money superior to 250.000€. After some months of winning this event, he started being accused of cheating, and in a rather creative way.

His method was to use the reporters (fake reporters we might add) that were covering the event to tell him what cards his opponents were holding. His downfall happened when he was actually caught on camera doing it, and was finally sentenced to 3 years in prison. A rare accusation of poker cheating at this level, but video evidence doesn’t lie.

The original scandal

Going back to the 1860s we find millions of scandals that happened with the notorious Gangster Randolph Smith, also a gifted con artist. His trick was to steal millions from gambling, but with the help of the police.

The trick was simple actually, rigged games operating 24 hours per day, with the supervision of corrupt police officers. The whole scheme got elevated to a new level when Smith was made sheriff for the area. Using his position, he would arrest people gambling that had lost significant amounts of money, releasing them later, but keeping their money.

Online loophole

When online poker began everything was new, so gambling sites were not totally prepared for how creative people might be, namely by creating multiple accounts, and in this way gain an edge over the competition.

Maybe this has happened to some of us when playing when we specifically see players making ridiculous raises just to make everyone fold and keep the pot. The odds of getting away with this are better when we are sitting on a table with two or three accounts, and it’s still today a topic to which online casinos dedicate a good amount of time to deal with.

Fake chips

Some scandals are based on the simplest ideas, like getting fake chips. Surely, many have tried it, but being caught at the Borgata with close to 2.5€ million in fake chips, and trying to flush them down the toilet, is something at a different level. Lusadi Christian was the artist who performed this stunt that led to the cancelation of the Borgata Winter Tournament in 2016.

A classic: urinating in public

Yes, there are people who love gambling so much or that are so addicted to it that they urinate in public just to keep on gambling. But when this happens to a professional poker player like Antonio Esfandiari, it’s a different case.

In fact, Esfandiari did it in a poker tournament in the Caribbean, what led to his disqualification with a clear reason mentioned: urinating to a bottle while playing at the table. Quite unbelievable, considering that other players and attendees to the event were there so close to him.

More, what reasons could have a professional player to do something like this? Apparently, it was all because of a bet with another player, but this time around cost him a disqualification.

This is the world of poker, and the world of gambling, filled with passion, entertainment, and some scandals every now and again. Certainly, a lot more poker scandals still to be mentioned next time around.