Mobile gambling

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Online gambling is a phenomenon that has grown a lot in the past years, and this is very much due to mobile gambling growth. It’s undeniable that is far more convenient to play on our mobile devices, and in fact, we use our gadgets to relax gambling for a while.

This new paradigm exists only because the technology that makes it possible also exists. Tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, in all of these devices it’s possible to play games of chance or skill and to make money while doing it. All it takes is a wireless connection and have that we know that most devices support gaming platforms.

The bigger casino operators have already created mobile versions for their sites, that means that currently hundreds of mobile casinos are available for the players, expanding the playing time, and therefore their revenues.

Mobile gambling market

This boom in mobile gambling didn’t happen by accident though, as back in 2005 a global research was made that determined that mobile gambling had the capacity to generate over $19 billion by the year of 2009. This, in reality, didn’t happen, as those revenues didn’t even reach $5 billion, but this difference can be explained with the US prohibition of internet gambling in 2006, potentially one of the biggest online gambling markets.

Also, back in 2011 the European Union still didn’t have unified legislation for mobile gambling, even if this is something hard to achieve considering all the countries involved. With each European country having their own individual legislation, the growth of the market is not happening as fast as it could be.

New projections for mobile gambling were made in 2010 aiming $48 billion revenues for 2015, based on the predictions for higher growth rates for mobile casinos, along with sports betting and lotteries in emerging markets, like China. Apart from this central factor, the liberalization of mobile gambling in Europe, and the repeal of the online block in the United States are other important factors contributing to that estimate.

The future

With smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi, it’s hard to deny that mobile gambling is the future and that the online market will continue to change. The internet access growth created the expansion possibility for operators, and mobile live casinos and sports betting have been growing rapidly.

Just looking at the time we spend on our mobile devices against the time we spend on computers, we realize why the mobile market is more appealing to both operators and players. Convenience is the keyword here, our gadgets are practical, and we carry them with us all the time, facilitating mobile gambling often.

The central part that mobile devices play in our lives totally justify the focus gambling companies is dedicating them, shifting that attention from desktops or laptops, and creating appealing mobile offers.

The development of mobile gambling is certainly an investment, from the operator side, but they know they will have a return on that investment. It’s a certain bet. Sports bets and casino games happen in the pub, commuting, in a break from work, and personalized features along with instant access make mobile gambling even more engaging, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t play.