Mobile facts and numbers

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When mobile gambling is concerned there are a lot of estimates, and the numbers are more and more spectacular, but these estimates are based on some hard facts, namely the one saying that 2014 was the year when mobile platforms surpassed desktops internet usage in the United States.

In that year, 55% on Internet usage happened in mobile devices (47% apps, and just 8% on browsers), against 45% of PCs, and this fact was accompanied by a drop on PC sales, and the increase on smartphone sales, somewhere around 40% increase.

No one would be surprised if this trend is about to be repeated worldwide, and that mobile gambling will grow along with these numbers. Factors like the expansion of 4G access (high speed) just consolidate this tendency further.

The growth in popularity leads to more estimates, like for example that in 2018, just next year, 164 million will be gambling online on mobile devices. Casinos are well aware of all these changes, and they are adopting new technology to enabling them to grow their base of mobile users.

More numbers

In the US and worldwide, the market is opening, and at the same time players are migrating from the traditional desktops and desktop gaming to mobile. Data from 2013 was predicting an increase of 100 million users of mobile and tablet users gambling online, meaning that up to 2018 it is expected that 164 million people have visited an online casino on the phone or even bought a lottery ticket on the tablet.

This information is based on research that also claims that the biggest growth will come from the US market. The success of online gambling in Nevada and New Jersey will be followed by the other states that aren’t still fully legislated and will boost this growth. Inter-state gambling, namely in what poker is concerned, is going to be a reality that will also increase mobile gambling.

Device switch

The switch from desktop or laptop users is happening, and it’s not only because of the convenience to have our devices always by hand. Many features developed for mobile actually work better there than in a computer, like for example in-play betting that allows watching live matches not disrupting the experience, as well as dual-screen options for casino games in tablets, improving the quality of game play.

The fact is that the existing technology has made it easier than ever to gamble on mobile, and this is reflecting on the number of people playing on smartphones, and forgetting the computer and downloads for this effect.

Exclusive free games and bonuses for mobile are just another clever way that operators have to make mobile gambling even more engaging and with a faster increase of users. Versions for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry are developed with the same quality of graphics and game play as in desktops, so the experience is very much equivalent and universal.

The whole technological scenario is helping: 4G is available everywhere, online casinos can be synchronized across devices, but some caution is also necessary as poor software can give a problematic experience. Nothing like selecting certified and well-established software companies that provide a safe and fair gambling environment.