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Miami Club Casino Experience

Miami Club Casino homepage transmits immediately a classy vibe, making us feel we are in a top site. For this much contributes the good structure, menus, choice of colors and images. Seeing the faded out background picture with fireworks and the Miami night lights certainly transports the player to a real casino gaming environment.

There are 5 strong messages on the homepage: 200% Sign-up bonus, an invitation to play the Slot Games, Tournaments and access the Jackpots. The indication of 5 popular games and a banner for the promotions, apart from the main and the games menus, completes the existing information.

What to love about Miami Club Casino

Game Menu: Entering the homepage we are being presented with a complete menu of the gaming offer: 3 Reel Slots, Video Slots, Video Poker, BlackJack, Table Games, Progressive, My Games, Tournaments, and Others.

Game Sections: Each game section has a superior layout and presentation, with HD pictures representing each game, so it’s noticeable that it was done with knowledge and care. At the top of each section we find the Featured Games, and below we have all the games, which can be sorted by Popular or Trending.

Game Views: On the Game Sections the player can also easily toggle between the Main View or the Detail View, even if almost the same functionalities are available on both views: Play Now or Demo, Add to Favorites, and a Volatility indicator, even if it’s not entirely clear what this last means. The Detail view does present an easier way to see overall options related to the game, as well as the current jackpot values, a very nice feature.

About Us section: Miami Club Casino presents itself to the players, giving a name to their Casino manager, and boosting in this way their credibility to the eyes of who visits the site.

Banking: Clean, simple, graphically appealing banking page, with all the main providers (VISA, MasterCard, Skrill) and some cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and BitcoinCash) available.

What is strange about Miami Club Casino

Promotions: The promotions section of the site is not clean, as there is a lot going on at the same time. $5.000 Miami Long Month!, The Miami Club, Daily Reload Bonus, Free Rolls, Daily Deposit Bonus, 25% Rebate Bonus, and Reward Points. These are the titles present in this section, that say Join Now!, Enter Now! Details. It’s too much, making the average player confused. A simpler structure would be an improvement.

Support: The way the support is presented on the site is somewhat strange, as all it has is a support/faq link faded at the bottom of the site, and an inadequate “i” for information at the superior right corner. The live chat icon is easy to find though, so that’s a positive point. Entering the support page we see it’s not user-friendly, as a long block of white text contrasting aggressively with a dark background makes reading hard. Also, phone support is not available.

Mobile Casino: Miami Club doesn’t make a single mention on the whole site to mobile gaming, what can be considered their biggest flaw as mobile is a big part of gaming these days.

Miami Club Casino Rating: 8/10

Miami Club Casino has a superior layout on most of their pages, a very good banking page, but what earns them the big points is the quality and features of their game section: superb!

The lack of mobile gaming hurts the casino, given that any modern casino these days has to be on mobile. Aesthetic improvements on the Promotions and Support pages would also elevate the 8 rating it currently has.