Mayweather´s bad bets has the taxman knocking

Earlier this month, famed boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr sent a letter to the IRS asking them for just a little more time to pay his taxes, not his 2017 taxes, but his 2015 taxes.   Mayweather´s 2015 taxes are still outstanding and are rumored to be substantial since that is the year that Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao and is predicted to have earned over $200M from that one fight alone.  In the letter, Mayweather stated that he was expected to have substantial cash available in about sixty days, obviously referencing the Connor McGreggor fight in which Mayweather is expected again to earn more than $200M for fighting the popular UFC cage-fighter.

It is unsure of what the official feelings are from the IRS.  Mayweather has been notorious for having problems with the IRS, having had major issues two previous times despite having earned above $800M during his fighting career.  While Mayweather is famous for his perfect fighting record, his popularity transcended the sport of boxing mainly based on his willingness to document his lavish spending habits.   Mayweather frequently makes silly videos and pictures doing such things as riding in a car filled with $100 bills or flying in a private jet with stacks of money on his lap.  He also is famous for posting about his gambling wins, with the small detail that he only posts after he wins a bet, and never mentions his losses.

In Mayweather´s letter to the IRS, one of the things he mentions as a reason for not paying taxes is that his money is all tied up in previous investments and he doesn´t have cash available to pay his back taxes.   But his frequent posting regarding million dollar bets, as well as his recent purchase of a Las Vegas strip club really make that argument sound silly.

As a funny aside, Conner McGreggor, one of the best press conference trash-talkers ever, seized on Mayweather´s trouble with the IRS and had many one-liners that took a pre-fight jab at the champion, some of them so pointed that they drew comments from Mayweather´s father including some threats of lawsuits.  As someone who built his reputation on his nickname ´money´, it can´t be easy to listen to others comment about the bill collectors coming after you.