Live dealers

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Online gambling is a relatively new phenomenon that appeared in the last decades, and live dealer features only started to be seen in the last decade. This, along with promotions and great games, made online gambling a serious rival to land-based casinos.

Online gambling didn’t boom just like that, no. One of the obstacles faced when online gambling began was precisely the incapacity that the online experience had to offer the social aspect of real casinos.

One of the most engaging features enabled by these days technologies are the live dealers. No surprise that these have become more and more popular, simply because it’s the most similar that exists to the land-based casinos, but happening online.

What can be better than to be connected with a real dealer, playing our favorite games, and in the comfort of our homes? These games with the live dealer feature also offer other options, including great graphics and game play, to engage players even further.

How does it work?

When we are playing with a live dealer, the dealer’s actions, like spinning the wheel or dealing cards, are video streamed to our computer or mobile device. Interaction is also possible not only with the dealer but also the other players, using the available chat window, pretty much like if we are visiting a real casino and can talk with other people playing there.

These days, casinos that have live dealers are quite a few, and the demand from players along with the technological development has made this number rise constantly, facilitating the recreation of the live casino experience.

No matter what our game is, we can play it with a live dealer and improve our experience. Blackjack is one of the favorite games to be played with a live dealer, but the roulette is actually becoming more popular and rivaling with blackjack.

In reality, there are some live streaming casinos that don’t have live dealers, even if this sounds like a paradox, and this is happening often with online poker. In these cases, it’s a random number generator that replaces the live dealer, so it’s just a computer simulation that is being streamed.

Playing the game

Live dealer games are pretty similar to other online casino games, but a big part of the game functions have a special interface, including the player’s chips, and the table layout. It’s also in this area that the live dealer is, and there is where we can do all we would do in a regular offline casino: deal cards, spin the roulette, and so on. The dealer’s actions happen in real time according to what we do.

Live dealers have been an important part of the growth of online gambling, to the point of being considered a large part of the gaming provider’s profits. To this contribution helps the fact that live dealer games don’t require any special software, as live casino games are just another in the pack for the online gambling experience, so there are no additional barriers for the players to try it, being this valid for both computers and for mobile.