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Lithuania is from the three Baltic States (the others are Estonia and Latvia) the one most to the south, as well as the one with the biggest territory (65 286 km2) and population, 2 921 262 people, census of 2015. This country covered by 30% forests has Vilnius as capital, and the official language is Lithuanian. It’s a member of the European Union since 2004 and uses the Euro as currency just since 2015.


Gambling in Lithuania was regulated in 2001, and from that date on more than 250 land-based establishments where is possible to gamble were opened. Among these establishments, we find casinos, betting and gaming halls.

The original regulation created was not entirely comprehensive at first, though, and online gambling was not even mentioned. This fact led to the prohibition of the activity for a period, and regulation kept on being debated, also in what concerned land-based operations.

There was no immediate answer to those concerns, apart from the increase in taxes. The scenario changed in 2016 though, when the Gaming Control Authority announced changes to the gambling laws. These changes included the necessity of getting a license for those operators interested to have legal online gambling sites.

Online Gambling

Until the new 2016 law was approved, we can say that online gambling in the country was in a black hole. Online gambling was not mentioned but was specifically said that gambling could only happen in licensed locations.

In this unclear scenario, the government made Olifeja, the state lottery company, the only legalized provider for online gambling, except for sports betting, that was offered by Topsport, Orakulas, and Omnibet.

The poor legislation caused conflicts, namely when in 2011 Olifeja wanted TEO (a telephone company that controls most internet connections in the country) to block international gambling sites, what was refused by TEO, a decision confirmed by the Vilnius City Court, as those sites are not hosted on networks of their control. More, this censorship would only happen in cases of national emergencies, something online casinos certainly aren’t.

2014 was the beginning of the change, and draft legislation was submitted for the approval of the European Commission. This draft would allow that both public and private operators established in the country could offer to gamble online in Lithuania.

As mentioned above, 2016 changed this situation and licensing made online gambling perfectly clear and regulated. The Gaming Control Authority is also making the possible to block any money transactions associated with unlicensed gambling online operations, along with other legal measures.

Presently we have 272 sites in Lithuania, where we can play both in Lithuanian and in English. From these, 175 are online casinos.

Online Gambling in Lithuania

Lithuanians have a wife offer of sites where to legally gamble these days, so to save you the work of browsing through all of them, we leave some suggestions of quality casinos.

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