Knowing more about casinos

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All the information that exists about casinos could fill out a couple of encyclopedias. Of course, we do not want anyone to read encyclopedias about casinos, but we do want to know some facts that just might become helpful whenever we are thinking about gambling.

Or not gambling. For example, did you know that you could prevent yourself from gambling? This called self-ban happens when someone has a gambling problem. Once we do give this step, it becomes a crime to enter a casino.

This voluntary exclusion is time-limited and can go from one year or to the whole life. Whatever our choice is, we better be very certain of what we do because the decision is not reversible.

Curiosities or myth busting


When we think about casinos we might see it as something more for men, even more at its beginnings. So it might surprise some to know that the first ever legal license issued to a casino happened in 1920 to a woman named Stocker.

Stocker was a family woman, married and with kids, and she opened a casino named after her, which had only 5 games: bridge, poker, 500 and two other poker variants (lowball and draw poker).

Just breathe

One other curiosity, in reality, more of a myth than a curiosity, concerns the air we breathe in the casinos. Some say that casino owners send more oxygen to the casino rooms to maintain gamblers more willing to play, but this is not only illegal but also not true.

All about hygiene

Gaming addiction can really twist our sense of priorities, even in what concerns our physiological needs. Yes, some people are so eager to play that they cannot stop to go pee. We have two well-known cases of a man who made a complaint about seating a urine soaked chair at a casino, while other case mentioned another man that urinated in the coin slot.

Penny Slots

Have you ever wondered what is the game that gives more money to the casinos? Most likely poker? Roulette? Blackjack? No, not really. The penny slots are the games generating more money for the casinos, reaching sometimes values around 70% of the total revenue of slot machines.

Casino in prison

We need to go to Nevada, USA, a location where casinos are very popular, to realize that there was a prison which had a casino for over 30 years. This happened in from the 1930s to the 1960s, and during that period inmates could actually gamble. Needless to say that the new warden who shut it down was not very popular.

Mobile casino

No, we are not talking about mobile casinos on our gadgets, but a mobile casino in the literal sense, in the back of a cab in London. The self-called World’s Smallest Casino has a complete gaming table, a bar, TV, and even a dealer, so it’s something unexpected to find!

Have some gum

There are many more curiosities we could mention, but we leave you with one from the XIX century, a time when the fruits in the slot machines actually came out of the machine, in the format of gum fruit flavored.