Knowing more about casinos

Knowing more about the world we are so passionate about, the world of casinos and gambling is in a way knowing more about entertainment, and also how luck can change our lives. We have seen many stories, and it’s impossible to tell them all, but one of the most marking stories is the one from the founder of FedEx, a huge company that would never exist today if it wasn’t for gambling in Vegas.

This can certainly work as an inspiration for any gambler and business owners, when everything else seems to be failing, namely credit, why not try gambling? We are not saying that we will win $27,000 at the Blackjack table as Frederic Smith did, but we can win enough to get the company going or to give it the necessary boost.

In this FedEx case, back in 1973, Smith managed to multiply $5K by almost 6, and even if it’s obviously not a wise investment, this time it paid off, to the point of being a profitable company just 3 years later, in 1976, and be the giant we know today.

Health and Racism

It’s no surprise to anyone that smoking is bad for our health, but the facts around this always confirm it. We are talking about casinos where smoking is not allowed, and in these cases, they don’t get as many ambulance calls as on the ones where they do allow smoking.

Casinos are one of the last public places where people can indeed smoke, but the numbers don’t leave any doubts: ambulance calls are 20% inferior to when it was allowed to smoke on some casinos, pretty much enlightening.

Apart from health improvements, we are fortunate enough to live in a time where racism is also decreasing. At this purpose, we can recall that in 1955 opened the first casino where all the races were accepted, contrasting with all the racism that existed in Vegas and throughout the US and the world.

Just to prove how insane racism was we have the cases of black singer Sammy Davis Jr. that was bold enough to swim at the hotel pool at the casino, but the management drained the pool after he did it. Similar case to the one that happened to Lorna Dorne, another black singer that after performing at the casino and spending the night there, saw the management burn the towels and sheets she used.

May 24th, 1955 was the date when the first interracial casino opened, The Moulin Rouge, and it was a success for over four months, after being mysteriously shut down despite the good numbers.

Yet, another millionaire

Yes, finishing a good story with some good news does give us the belief that tonight just might be our night to win. In 1989 Elmer Sherman, a World War II veteran, was in Vegas playing at the Mirage when he got a jackpot of $4.6 million, and he wasn’t even at the tables, just playing the slots.

Not happy with that Elmer continued playing, and in 2005 and won another jackpot this time superior to $21 million. Impressive when luck reaches the same person twice, but just a proof that we never know when we might be up next.