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Italy is one of the bigger countries of the European Union, with a population of 60 795 612 people, census of 2015, representing 12% of the EU. It’s also one of the founder members of the EU, being a part of the Union since 1958. It uses Euro as currency since 1999, and Italian is the official language.

The country has Rome as capital, and has the geographical size of 302 073 km2, bordering with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia, all of this to the North because the remaining borders are made with the Mediterranean sea, where we can also find Sicily and Sardinia, and another 68 Italian islands.

Impossible to mention the boot-shaped country without referring to the two independent states inside their territory: the Vatican City and the San Marino Republic.

Gambling has a lot of history in Italy, and that goes back to the Roman Empire, and this is also the reason why gambling is so popular all over Europe.


Legislation in Italy is considered to be liberal when compared with other countries of Europe. A good example of this is the 2006 law that allows companies to offer sports betting both on land-based locations, as well as online.

These liberal measures were taken precisely when in another country of the EU restrictive measures were being adopted, which is something meaningful. At the same time, in Italy gambling in public places and private clubs is illegal, though.

The licenses for gambling are only given by the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies (AAMS). The licensing process involves a three-month review, and after approval, it’s still required and authorization to offer different types of games. There is a certification for the online platform too.

2011 was the year when licenses were given for casino and poker games. These changes had the impulse of the European Union that similarly to other countries in the EU, asked for more liberal licensing and regulation conditions.

Needless to say that this measure made a lot of licensed sites appear and the locals had plenty of games to choose from. Betting stations, online operators and land-based casinos appeared in the number of thousands.

This growth has reached a point where currently Italy is the largest market in Europe, but the downside is that the government now intends to reduce gambling levels in the country.

Online Gambling

The past of online gambling in Italy had tight control, and even attempts at blocking and suppression of foreign sites, but today online activities are legal. Liberalization started in 2006, the date when the legal framework was created.

2007 was the year when all online gambling was officially declared legal, and today we have over 200 gambling sites in the country, of which 150 are online casinos. The remaining sites are bingo, poker, and mobile casinos.

AASM is responsible for licenses and regulation, and also for controlling the sites that don’t follow the rules. Italy has a list of 500 sites that are not allowed to give their online gambling services, and violating the law also includes criminal charges, fines, and even imprisonment.

Italian laws issue licenses to any company located in the EU Economic Area, and they go to the specific of saying that the servers can be located in any country. The EU accused Italy of trying to block foreign sites, but this issue was solved in 2010 when foreign operators were allowed to obtain a domestic license.

Casino list

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