Internet heavyweights set to testify to congress on net neutrality

For many online gambling enthusiasts in the USA, the connection between net neutrality and their favorite online casinos may not be apparent, but you only need to ask other people from the rest of the world why net neutrality is so important, especially for online gambling.  In simple terms, net neutrality simply means that the company that provides you internet service must not prohibit or prioritize what you do on the website.  They cannot make some websites slower than others based on the content available at that website.

Four notable people have been asked to appear before the House Energy and Commerce committee.  This committee as the name implies handles the regulations that govern many interstate commerce issues, especially those that fall under the banner of utilities or public services.  Three of the people invited to speak include Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and Larry Page of Google who is all proponents of the free and open internet.  The final invitee is Peter Thiel of Paypal who believes that internet service providers need, and should be able to prioritize traffic.

Net Neutrality is an important concept overall because it prevents large ISPs like Time Warner from being able to make their own internet destinations faster than their competitors and could even lead to a situation where large websites would be almost forced to work with ISPs so their sites do not get hindered.  Another fear of many is that the ISPs could then be threatened by the government.  For instance, if some gov´t agency learned on the ISPs to block WikiLeaks.  This type of activity is commonly done in many countries of the world including China, where the government uses strong-arm tactics to force ISPs into blocking many large western websites.

It is this finally fear that affects online casinos.   Because of the strange way the USA works, where there is a federal government, but also state governments that have a lot of power for determining their own fate, things like online gambling become complicated as often the states have different views than the federal government.  The fear is that the federal government would take away state rights by forcing the ISPs from taking a certain action.