Incredible Stories

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Gambling is great, but sometimes reading about gambling can be equally entertaining, as we desire we could be in those people shoes, or sometimes not! This last case is what happened to Terry Watanabe, a rich businessman when he made a trip to Vegas. This trip ended up lasting for one year and meant a significant change in his life.

Watanabi was mesmerized by the Vegas lifestyle, he enjoyed the perks and comps awarded to the high rollers, and never realized that his gambling binge that lasted one year cost him something like $200 million. Yes, $200 million in one year.

Continuing with incredible numbers, the money spent by Watanabi represented 6% of the total gambling revenue for that year, but when the adventure ended he was taken to a facility for gambling addiction, and that was the end of Watanabi’s adventure at the casinos, at least directly gambling.

With so much money involved a legal battle followed regarding his refusal to pay his debts. He claimed that the casino encouraged him to play by supplying him alcohol and encouraging him to cross his limits. In more than one occasion Watanabi lost $5 million in one single day and gambled for more than 24 consecutive hours. Even when he was intoxicated the casino managers allowed him to continue playing.

With all these claims, and the negative advertising coming from it, a confidential agreement was made between the parts and this was the legal end of the biggest losing streak in history in Vegas.

8-year-old Poker Player

Another fantastic story comes from India, where it’s said that a boy names Aashish Nanak, just 8 years old, won close to half a million Euros on a Poker tournament online. Aashish seems to have been introduced to computers when he was just three years old, and when he was six he started to play poker online.

When he won the tournament, he was playing with an account on the name of his uncle, but the fact that the kid was well-known, and even called “littlepokerwizard”, led the poker’s site refusal of the payment.

One thing is to win small amounts and to collect those values to a PayPal account, which he also did, but another thing is to win half a million Euros. In this scenario Aashish had his account blocked, and a legal battle is still ongoing to solve the dispute.

Playing for charity

Some people play for charity, but playing 115 straight hours is something slightly different. This is what Phil Laak did, and beat a Guinness Record while doing it. 115 hours are almost 5 days, for those that haven’t realized yet how long this is indeed.

He did have the support of a nutritionist, and also 5 minutes rest per hour that he could accumulate, but he didn’t have any sort of stimulants what is remarkable.

All the complained about, never losing its humor, was an “itchy-ass” syndrome, nothing talcum powder didn’t solve, he said. Next time we are playing poker and we are getting restless waiting for a good hand, nothing like thinking about Phil and this amazing stunt.