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Ignition Casino Experience

The Ignition Casino homepage is extremely well organized, with nice contrasting colors. The central part of the page features two main highlights, and to the right a Bitcoin deposit banner invites the player to Join, Deposit, Play and Win.

The main menu appears to the left, with orange links to Slots, Table Games, Blackjack, Video Poker, Specialty, a red link for Poker, and below several gray links, among which Bitcoin, About, Promotions and Articles.

What to love about Ignition Casino

Main Menu: As already described above, the main menu is already expanded, easy to see, and uses different colors that blend well with the overall layout, but highlighting the most important sections. A complete menu is the most important browsing tool a player can have, and this works very well at Ignition Casino.

Poker page: The game pages, in general, are very well organized, but the Poker page takes it to a higher level. By clicking on that link in the menu it gets scrolled up to the main bar and a drop-down appears with: Download Poker, Poker Tournaments, Poker Strategy, How to Play Poker and Poker FAQ. A really complete and appealing page.

Promotions: The promotions page is clean and simple, but allows the player to understand easily what promotions are available their categories and terms. The orange “Learn More” button opens a new page where all the relevant information is available.

About Ignition: It’s always a good initiative for a casino to present itself to the users. Promotions, Bonuses, Payouts a Support are some of the topics covered in this section.

Support: On the superior right corner of the homepage it’s immediately visible the links for the Chat, Contacts or FAQ. The FAQ page is very complete and well organized, while the contacts page has a form and email contact. Phone contact would make this section complete.

Bitcoin: The casino has a really complete Bitcoin page, giving the player information about the currency, enabling him/her to decide whether to buy it and make a deposit or not.

What is strange about Ignition Casino

Banking: The banking section doesn’t exist at Ignition Casino. Looking at the FAQ there is some information available, but to know more about withdrawals, for example, the player has to reach the support. Hardly an ideal situation.

Articles: Having an articles section is definitely a good idea, but having no organization on that section of the site makes it strange. Categories for the articles and a tab navigation style would be an improvement.

Ignition Casino Rating: 8/10

Ignition Casino is not a glamorous site, but it’s a clean one with a great structure, excellent menu and poker page, and other good pages as Support, Bitcoin, About or Promotions.

The overall rating of 9 out 10 is penalized by the absence of a banking section, which is something central for a casino where money is involved. The Articles section is a good idea but needs to be organized to become more practical to use.