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Ignition is like that family owned business or store up the street that you are happy to go into and shop at by choice more than the larger ones. It doesn’t have everything that the superstores have…but it doesn’t need to. In addition to the great wins and odds, Ignition Casino just gives me the feeling of being between an upscale venue and a Cheers or a local tavern where everybody knows your name and is glad to see you. I really like that about them, and I’m definitely going to keep playing here. It’s been a pleasure, and I don’t see anything changing that. I’d recommend the professionals who normally play over $10,000 at a time to still play here too, because if you’re looking to relax and unwind while betting and winning a few thousand dollars at a time, this is a really great place for everyone.

  • As a brand new casino, Ignition offers an abundance of deposit options including deposit by Debit, Credit Card and Bitcoin. Ignition casino also offers players access to an vast library of games, running off a combination of three award winning software platforms; Real-time Gaming, Betsoft and Rival. Managed under the same ownership as Bovada, Bodog and Slots.lv, Ignition is sure to be another casino players will love.

  • The $3,000 weekly cash-out limit may be on the low side for some players. Also see the list of restricted countries in the sidebar, as Ignition Casino currently only accepts players from the United States.

Before you drive out to the local casino, you may first want to put the key into the Ignition! Ignition is one of the hottest new online casinos for the United States and participating countries, and well worth looking into.

What stands out with Ignition right off the bat is their generous $1,000 welcome bonus, and the fact that even if you are comfortable with other casinos, they are very warm and welcoming to rival players and want to be your number 1 place for online betting. So much so, that they are currently offering up to $100 for each friend you share this with who signs up! Even if you wanted to give them time and try them out later or are comfortable with your current casino, to have the incentive to make $100 for every friend that tries them out lets you know right away that they are very serious and willing to pay out to people who do any kind of online gaming. That is one of the number 1 most important things that an online casino can have in their favor: paying you when you win!

So they already have my attention, especially when trying to get paid from some of the other casinos can take a little longer if there are any verification needed.

One or two casinos out there are slow to pay and it’s like pulling teeth to get the payout…but Ignition is very upfront and they seem to take pride in the fact that your payments and winnings are available sooner than usual. So Ignition is one of the few casinos that tries to pay you as quickly as possible. Whether you are doing micro-betting or major bets, I can’t stress enough what a good sign this is with any type of online gaming involving money. If you play online with cash, Paypal, or Bitcoin, then you already know what I mean. If not, you might have to experience one or two of the stock casinos to fully appreciate and enjoy the difference Ignition brings to the table in that way.

By the way, there is no hard limit on how many people you can refer to Ignition. At the time of this review, you get 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $100. So basically what they do is they match every dollar that your friend or referral puts into an account to play with. If your friend only wants to play with $40 to try it out, you still get $80! If they put $50 or more in, you get $100. *And you get this for each and every friend you refer with no limit* How can anyone not be in love with this casino? Your friends get the $1000 bonus on top of you getting the referral! Talk about awesome!

You probably are acquainted with and like casinos Bovada, Slots.lv, and others…but if you like them as I do…then you will absolutely love playing online with Ignition and how they do things.

With how quickly Ignition managed to gain my interest and intrigue and the great offers from the start, I decided to give them a try personally and see what it’s like playing online with them.

I’m glad that I did.

As someone who likes and enjoys using bitcoin whenever I can, another thing I really like about Ignition is that they accept Bitcoin. I had a little extra sitting around in a bitcoin wallet I hadn’t transferred to my bank yet, and it was just about the same amount that I would have used to try out this casino if depositing normally. I paused for a second, and thought: “Why not?”

When you create an account, they ask you if you want to play for fun or for real money. Well, it’s always fun to do both! I wanted to give this a real review, so I selected to play for real money. I play free games all the time, but this one looked promising on the financial side, so once again, why not give it a try?

I went ahead and made the deposit through bitcoin, and was very quick and easy to do.

It wasn’t long before my funds were available, and I was off to a great start with the blackjack tables.

Normally I’ll play 2 or 3 hands at once if I’m feeling lucky, but I wanted to test this place out a little more than usual just to make sure everything was as good as it seemed. From my experience, it was. The dealer seemed to bust more than usual, which made it easier to win than not, and the amount of times I would automatically be dealt a hand that was blackjack for an instant win seemed a little more in my favor. I began with the $1,000 bonus plus what I put in from my bitcoin account of $50. I ended up winning $400 and losing $75 between bets, averaging out to a sweet win of $1,325! Nice as pie. All in all, I tried out 4 different kinds of blackjack offered by Ignition out of the 6, and was happy with the winnings and gameplay from each. The European and Zappit versions of blackjack were especially fun to play.

I didn’t want to spend all my time on blackjack and I kept seeing that their logo is betting dice on fire, so I decided it was time to head over to the roulette tables next to see what I could do there. After all, everything from this place has been some good luck and their imagery has been accurate to what they offer. So to see dice on fire, that made me think that maybe those tables are their specialty and that I should try there next? Would these turn out to be as lucky for me as the blackjack tables I adore?

Apparently, they are.

I won an extra $180 there in about 10 minutes without even trying to. Very happy with that!

When looking at what I wanted to play next, it was hard to decide. There are really a lot of great games to choose from here. I counted between 90 to 100 different types of games with everything from video poker and table games to variations of slot machines and unique games I hadn’t seen anywhere else yet. I’ve played quite a few different kinds both with the instant-play feature through the browser and downloads. I gave Ignition a try through the browser, and I’ve been really pleased with the experience and the odds thus far. The other casinos that I’ve found to be in good standing and reputable seem to have close to the same odds as this one does, but Ignition fares better in some areas. I can’t put my finger on it just yet, but I’m definitely a fan of their single and multi-deck blackjack games and roulette.

There are SO many slot machines that I lost count. There’s over 100+ here. I love slot machines, I just normally don’t do that well on them. Amazingly, I did pretty well with Aztec’s Treasure and won about $15 on it (which to me is a fortune when it comes to slots). I usually score on blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker every now and then…but slots are a guilty pleasure that doesn’t seem to pay off as much…until tonight. It went really well, and to put it mildly, I’m shocked with how quickly I won on them. I even went to the liberty of bookmarking the slots pages on this site, so I can very enthusiastically give you a thumbs up on their slots section here.

Something I noticed that was unusual in a really nice way is that many of the games seem to be of different styles and from different producers. Can it be? I’m often used to games all being the same style or from the same programmer and graphic designer (you get an eye for some things and can you start to see it, both good and bad). What I am seeing at Ignition is that there is either a really large team of programmers and designers doing all kinds of different work on these games…or, they are letting people submit game designs and/or are hiring multiple artists to do this for them. Whichever is the case, it’s really exciting to see this because it means they will help to increase the quality of these games and raise the bar on the standard for the games we get to enjoy for the future. If there’s one way to become a leader in the industry, that’s a surefire way to do it when you make the game play and eye candy more outstanding than the rest.

Out of all the ones I’ve spent time on to test out, everything being offered from them is really well-done. When I’m going through the site and playing the games here, I almost feel like I’m on some of the other sites I know and love to play on for US members mentioned earlier. I’m starting to wonder if some really great people got together from the other great casinos and broke away to start their own with Ignition, or if they are affiliated in some form? It’s hard to say at the moment, but what I can tell you is I’ve really enjoyed giving this casino a shot. If you’ve already tested out or are at home with the other ones, something else I’ve noticed is that they’ve made a great effort to make it as easy to navigate as possible. So if you use the other casinos often and know the layout of them, you’ll feel right at home getting around with Ignition, too.

As you may already know, some of the most serious and respected casinos in the industry are registered with associations which guarantee fairness in odds and gaming practices. I was able to find Ignition casino listed in the directory for the Kahnawake Gaming Commission of the Mohawk Territory in Kahnawake, Canada. They usually pride themselves on accepting the best casinos in the industry, and from my own personal experiences here, Ignition deserves to be recognized.

Every review should have an even balance of positive and negative points to give you an overall impression of a casino to decide whether or not it’s going to be a good fit for you and what you enjoy playing. I cannot find even one thing that I don’t love about this place, it’s that good. The only bad thing that I can say about it at all is that they only accept US customers (to my friends in other parts of the globe, I hope they are able to extend out to you, because you will really enjoy this place if they do!).

Oh, I would like to mention that when I first signed up, I did give it a day and a half between the first time I clicked the “create account” button and gave them the information they requested, and the time that I decided to start playing paid games for money. I did play a few “for fun” and practice games between that time, but I was not logged in to do so (You can play the free games any time you want to practice without an account or ever having to log in)

The info they wanted was pretty much the same that any place verifying or holding onto your financial info asks for. They wanted my name of course, but also date of bith, current street/mailing address, a phone number they could reach me at, my email address and password (which they already had), city of birth and mother’s maiden name. I did ask support why this was necessary, and they responded back telling me that it’s used for verification purposes to make sure that when they pay out, they are paying out to the right person and that they are a US citizen. Bovada and Luckyred are the same way with US customers, so I am kinda used to them asking for this and was able to complete that section as usual without any other inquiries to them.

Verification and making sure you’re information is up to date is something that banks and other financial institutions like Paypal do all the time, so you’ll find that Ignition also wants to make sure that the information they have for you is current and correct. I haven’t been asked for it yet, but in one of the support emails I received, they did mention that every now and then they may ask for a government ID which can be a drivers license, a birth certificate, SS card, or just a state issued ID card. So even if someone is disabled and doesn’t drive, you can use a state ID card just the same as your drivers license and it will be just fine.

The only thing I wasn’t too thrilled about was having to copy the front and back of the credit card I used to sign up with Ignition. They do ask for that, and even though I know Ignition pays fast and is trustworthy, another reason I like bitcoin is that I don’t have to be tied to a credit card or anything like that with a company. I love to be able to make purchases at times without it being tracked. When you buy something to drink, you don’t always want people to know whether you like Pepsi or Coke every time you get a fizzy beverage. It’s not a big deal, but you should have the right to share that or not, right? I kinda feel the same way when it comes to credit cards and such. Again, the request for this is just for verification and because Ignition wants to make sure they take every reasonable precaution to protect themselves from any kind of card being used and every situation that may arise. We have to remember that not everyone out there is a legitimate and honest user of their system who is here to have fun and try to win, and casinos have to deal with all kinds of security measures every minute of the day. Ignition is very relaxed when it comes to some things, but they have to protect you and themselves from the people out there who might not be here to have fun and use everything the right way like we are. So even though this is probably my least favorite thing about them, it’s become necessary for all of them to require this, and I can’t let it take away from all the positive and great things I’ve enjoyed since signing up…so I won’t. 🙂

I may be making a bigger deal out of the verification than I need to, though. I’ve spoken with some other players and they mentioned to me that whether they were using bitcoin, their credit card, or any other funding method, they were able to jump right in and start playing for real money even without waiting a day between signing up. Apparently, the rare verification notice is only if they have to or the system schedules it, and it’s not a mandatory thing. One person did mention that they had a verification request come up after being a member for a few months after playing every single day. Support told them that it would take about 24 hours, but he said he was able to start playing again after only 6 hours had passed. So verification doesn’t take that long if it does come up, and is only a minor thing if you have to complete it.

Depositing is pretty easy. If you’re using credit cards, they support both Visa and MasterCard. I’m not sure if they do Discover or others yet, but it might be worth it to find out first from support just to be sure before using it to fund your gaming account. If you’ve used the other ones, then you know it’s usually near the upper left or right of the screen. You click the deposit button, navigate to the menu where you enter the amount, and click on Deposit. It’s quick, easy, and gratifying to start playing quickly. So far, I’ve only seen credit card and bitcoin availability as funding methods. They might do wire transfers also, but you’d have to ask support about that at 1-855-370-0600 or by emailing them at service@ignitioncasino.eu if you’re like me and prefer to email more than to call.

Another reason I like bitcoin with Ignition is because of the funding limits. If you’re using a credit card, the minimum amount for a deposit is $20, and the max per deposit is $1,000. For most players this is just fine, but if you want to be able to play with $2,000 or more, you’ll definitely need to use bitcoin to do that in one go. With bitcoin, the minimum deposit is still $20, but the maximum per transaction is $5,000. So you can literally deposit 5 times as much using bitcoin in one sitting than you can with a Visa or MasterCard. If I didn’t already love using bitcoin when I can, this would have been just what I needed to convince me it was worth my while to use it here.

There is another way that you can get around the $1,000 credit card limit and still be able to use your credit card to do it, but you’ll have to make use of a bitcoin wallet or service like Coinbase. Coinbase uses your bank account and a credit card for backup funding if you want to convert dollars into bitcoins for use anywhere it is accepted. So what you can do is either use Coinbase to withdraw from your bank account, or buy bitcoin with them or another company or exchange, and then transfer what the bitcoin you purchase to your online wallet which takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour on the blockchain on average. If you buy direct from Coinbase and they’ll let you exceed the $1,000 limit for that with a credit card (which on most cards when you’re buying bitcoin instead of pulling from your bank account they still will), you can use that method with Coinbase or any other reputable bitcoin repository to transfer money to yourself off of your credit card. Each exchange or company may have their own limit for how much bitcoin you can buy from them per day or per week/month, but you can get as much bitcoin as you need by buying from more than one, since the limits are implemented per company only. There are no limits on how much bitcoin you can send to a single address, and no hard limit on using a credit card to purchase bitcoin from multiple companies to exceed per-company limits on it. This allows you to be able to get as much coin as you need, and then be able to deposit it to Ignition up to $5,000 per day if need be.

Ignition plays by the rules and fairly with you, but they also must play by the rules for deposits with financial institutions, just as the companies providing bitcoin do. When you diversify your bitcoin deposits with different companies, each one of the companies that offer it are individual entities with their own merchant accounts. So because they are different merchants, there will not be any cause for concern from your credit card company if you are making purchases to each vendor and then consolidating your bitcoin elsewhere under a single address.

The only thing the credit card company might not like are the high dollar purchases so close together if you try to do this in one day, so what I would do (just to be on the safe side) is to call your credit card company first before doing this and let them know that you are going to be making high dollar purchases with your cards, and want to make sure there are no restrictions or holds when you do so in the next 24 to 48 hours. Credit card providers like Capital One and Chase who offer both Visa and MasterCard will often be very careful about allowing purchases of high amounts so closely together, unless you make sure there are no restrictions on your card for it. I had this issue previously with another casino (not with Ignition), and it was Capital One being overly cautious since I hadn’t made a transaction there before, and it was a larger purchase than I normally make with that particular card. So, better safe than sorry, right?

If you’re just doing small deposits you’ll be fine, and if you’re just diversifying small deposits to bitcoin you’ll be fine. If you’re trying to do large ones, you’ll want to give your credit provider a call and give them a good 20 or 30 minutes afterward, just so that you can make sure they’re on the same page with you and the changes are ready with their system for your larger purchase transaction. Some credit card companies are eye-rolling strict with their non-friendly nature toward gambling, but again, bitcoin really shines here because you never have to worry about those companies if you decide to win your bets and deposit or withdraw through bitcoin instead of using your credit card.

If your deposits are just a few hundred dollars here or there on credit cards, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of that at all. It’s just that once you get over the $500 or $600 mark on a single transaction with a card, some of the more paranoid credit card and lending companies may start to inquire, while other companies will be totally cool with you doing that and won’t even bat an eyelash at it at all. If you’re in decent standing with your favorite credit company and they you, then it’s all good and you shouldn’t have any issues whether you deposit once or multiple times.

So you can do any of these. You can buy bitcoin from one or multiple sources to play up to $5,000 in coin that way without having to pull anything out of your bank account, or you have the option to fund up to $1,000 from your credit card on file, and then up to $5,000 more from your bitcoin address per their deposit limits. Technically, you can deposit nearly $6,000 just by doing the max with both, but very few people are going to ever need to do that. If you’re one of the rare people that do or like to do it this way, you certainly have the option and the ability to get it done.

When it comes to the 25x bonuses, they’re pretty nice, too. There is a slight drawback to them. They can, at their sole discretion, restrict bonuses if they deem that one or more players are abusing the use of them or trying to game the system in a way it shouldn’t be repeatedly. So this just goes along with common sense. If you play fairly with them, they’ll play fairly with you and everyone will be happy. Whenever there’s just one person who tries to hack or mess with a system, that can’t restrict things for everyone…so don’t be that guy. Play nicely, and they will always play nicely with you. With the games I’ve tried out for cash on Ignition, I haven’t participated in the bonuses just yet. From the people I’ve talked to that have, they haven’t had to worry about any of the restrictions on bonuses yet and got all of theirs, but they did mention to me that Ignition can reserve the right to implement that if someone is messing around that shouldn’t be. 99% of the smart, upstanding, and legitimate casino players (you) are going to always be cool with them and do things correctly. It’s just the 1% that they have to worry about, so they have to put it on their TOS just to cover themselves if they ever have to go there with someone. If I were to ever be in charge of an online casino, I would do the same thing, so I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. Just protecting the good users like you with this, and themselves in the process. I really didn’t even want to mention this, but just to be thorough and complete as aforementioned, it was something I wanted to bring up so you know (and if you were going to be the 1% that messed with them, maybe you’ll reconsider after reading this 😉 ).

Withdrawals are done in two ways, and neither of them are to your credit card (that I’m aware of). The first form of withdrawal is by check. From the withdrawal part of the site, you can get up to $3,000 per check of your winnings sent to you. The minimum amount required for a check withdrawal is $100, so you’ll have to either have at least $100 in your account still, or win up to $100 if you made a minimum deposit for $20 to be able to withdraw it.

If you use bitcoin, here again you will see why I love this form of currency so much. Ignition only has a $20 minimum for withdrawal, and when you do this over the blockchain it should be in your bitcoin wallet account in only a few hours. It is so much faster than ACH withdrawals that can often take days or a check which can take up to a week. If you’re not already using it, you’re missing out! 🙂

The maximum amount for withdrawal through bitcoin is still $3,000 just like the check option, but you can withdraw electronically, have your money in just a few hours usually once the withdrawal request from Ignition goes through.

Ignition processes requests for withdrawing funds every 3 days, so it’s smart to expect at least a 48 to 72 hour window from the time you push the request button to the time a bitcoin deposit is made to your wallet address which will take another few hours to complete. If you figure this time frame, you can have a good handle on close to the amount of time it takes to send and receive in nearly every situation with them.

You are able to withdraw once every 7 days regardless which method you use (check or bitcoin), but you can get around the 7 day limit if you decide to use both 3 days apart from each other. As you already know well, I’m very partial to bitcoin, so I’d probably just use that exclusively for my withdrawals and deposits. If you need to get money out faster to use it for something before depositing it back again to play more, you do have the option of using both methods every 3.5 days instead of just one method every 7. It really is up to you, and you are allowed to do anything that you feel is best in this way to get your funds quickly and safely back to you.

For small and medium level players, Ignition’s policies and rules are safe, trusted, and true. If you’re a really high-dollar better and you spend $10,000 to win $18,000 or $25,000…you may find that you’ll either have to make special arrangements with them for wire transfers or something, or withdraw $3,000 at a time every 3 days. I get the feeling that they really would like to be able to let you withdraw 10k to $100,000 at the drop of a hat, and that it isn’t about keeping the money on the books for you to play more. The fact that they pay so quickly, so reliably, and so frequently with great odds, I feel as if it’s more about compliance with local laws than anything else.

So yes, if you end up making huge thousand dollar bets at a time and win hundreds of thousands of dollars, you may want or need to contact them before or after to make arrangements to get that in a timely fashion, because it would take a really long time to get that back to you otherwise. If for some reason their rules they must abide by don’t allow for extremely large withdrawals beyond the site rules posted, then you might have to let them know that you’re going to be betting only up to a few thousand or hundred thousand at a time until or unless they can. I think if you have that kind of history and they see that you have hundreds of thousands to spend, they may make special arrangements, but don’t quote me on that.

As much as I would love to see people do the right thing on that like I would and I am in favor of nearly everything I’ve seen from Ignition so far, unfortunately I don’t make the rules and can’t guarantee whether they will or won’t make special provisions for you. (Here’s that number again for their customer service and support that you may want to write down and keep handy just for such an occasion as this: 1-855-370-0600).

In closing, I see Ignition as a rock solid online gaming casino. The games are great, the layout is easy to use, there’s both download and instant-play through the browser, they fill the void for the much needed addition to quality casinos online for US players, they do bitcoin – and do it right! They pay reliably and their customer service has been stellar via email every time I wrote in. They are newer to the scene than the others in the US market and they really could offer more credit/debit types of cards accepted and more funding and withdrawal options, but they bring a lot to the table and I can’t find anything to complain about here. They have loyalty bonuses and a refer-a-friend program that just can’t be beat, and their welcome bonus is as solid as everything else with a very straight-forward bonus of up to $1,000 per new user. They’re doing great so far, I’ve already requested and received payment for my first investment with them via bitcoin which is already being processed ahead of schedule, and I am convinced that this is just going to keep getting better as they grow from here. Knowing these people, they may even give you a bonus for being a longtime member in addition to the loyalty and rewards programs! Some people may like to shop in large stores, while others feel more comfortable shopping at a local store where they know the owner, the owner knows them, and the owner goes out of their way to offer the best customer service possible and really make you glad you stopped in to see them and say hello.