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Grand Eagle Review

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The Grand Eagle Online Casino has the same page structure as the Lucky Creek Casino: menu on top, main highlight, and the tab navigation menu with all the games underneath. Despite having this same structure, the choice of colors and theme is somewhat strange, as we see in the contrast between the Eagle in the logo and Poseidon and ocean icons in the game highlight immediately below, passing on a somewhat contradictory message.

That main highlight is offering 100% bonus, up to $300 Welcome Bonus, but also a Weekend Busters Promotion offering 240 free spins and $10 free is also available. After scrolling through all the featured games, we find the casino welcome message, Welcome to Grand Eagle Online Casino, and the support contacts.

What to love about Grand Eagle Online Casino

Promotions: Again, we find the same promotion structure as at Lucky Creek, and only 4 promotions available. The quality layout, pictures, and humor save this section from being strange, as 4 promotions are not many, and even the welcome bonus is far smaller than the ones offered by other casinos, just $300 on the first deposit.

Leaderboard: Opening the menu on the top left of the homepage we find several useful links, among which the Leaderboard. There we find the 25 top players as well as the prizes for the winners of this Labor Day Leaderboard that will end in under 3 days at the time of this review. $10,000 cash and free spins certainly give the prize a special appeal.

Games: The way the games are displayed is excellent as the tab navigation is the easiest way to browse through the different categories. Apart from the actual categories (Slots, Table Games, Poker and Other) Grand Eagle Online Casino still offers a game search functionality, a Featured Games tab, and an All Games tab. The All Games tab is just a long, long scroll of games with no logical sequence, so its utility can be questioned though.

Support: The support contacts are available at the homepage, but the casino still has a dedicated page for support. Available 24/7, support can be reached via live chat, phone or email, and this last has 5 different emails available: general support, banking, loyalty, complaints, and rejections. As complete as it gets.

What is strange about Grand Eagle Online Casino

Banking: The link for the banking section is a small one, right at the bottom of the homepage. Such an important section should have a more visible link. Entering the page, it’s noticeable that no formatting work was made here, as the pasted text is all that appears. Notables, no images, just text and some titles, like a word formatted document, making it hard for any player to understand and read the banking terms.

Grand Eagle Casino Rating: 8/10

Grand Eagle Casino Rating has an 8 out of 10 rating, but this 8 is actually very close to a 7. Even if it has the same structure and similar contents to Lucky Creek Casino, the layout, humor, and formatting don’t reach the same quality as its brother casino.

The banking section is the one that needs more work, but the good games and game organization, promotions, including the leaderboard, and support contacts justify a high rating and confirm Grand Eagle as a trustworthy destination for a good gaming experience.