Gambling secrets

We all love gambling, but are there any secrets that make some win more than others? Is it all about luck, or is there a formula to make us win more often? Is it something we can work to achieve?

Let’s take a look at a story that has some years now when Don Johnson won over $15 million playing blackjack in about one month. Do note that Johnson was not a professional player, and he didn’t play following any known winning rules or techniques. He said he just had a good plan and used his skills, so got to love that.

This was possible because the 2008 financial crisis made the casinos look for high rollers to play at high stakes. Bad news for Tropicana, The Borgata, and Caesars that lost $6, $5 and $4 million respectively, and Johnson was even banned from playing at Caesars.

Needless to say that winning in the order of millions can definitely change our lives, but what are the secrets to do it? How many have tried and failed, losing their life savings?

Winning systems

In reality, there are principles some gamblers follow that make them win more often. We have mentioned in previous articles the benefits of counting cards, and in fact, it’s something that gives us an advantage, and we don’t need to be a math genius to do it.

Casinos, obviously, want to make us believe that it’s something hard to do because anyone counting cards can win more. It’s not only about counting cards, and a good example of this are the new slot machines. It’s said that they pay less than the old slots, but it’s not the case.

Nothing like trying them out and seeing for ourselves if we are luckier or not. It all starts with the approach to the game.

Seeing gambling as a professional sport

Obviously, there is more to it. Gambling is something that requires a good concentration. When we are gambling we shouldn’t think about work, kids or family issues, but 100% on the game.

If we have the capacity to see gambling like sportsmen see professional sports, we will succeed. Professional athletes give everything they have to the game, so their chances to win increase.

Sure, we are going beyond the entertainment aspect of gambling, but on this article, we are focusing on winning, not entertaining. To achieve this, we should not be led by emotions when we win or when we lose, we should accept loss and defeat as a part of the game and stick to the winning plan.

Even if consecutive bad results hit us, we should just keep our confidence that we are doing the right thing, our mind should just continue focused as when we started playing.

Managing capital

Managing our money is a very good way to build confidence, and therefore to help us keep focus. Let’s say we have €1.000 to play, it will not be wise to play at €100 per hand tables or else might have a short night.

More, we should never forget that we should never play with what we cannot afford to lose. Having a bankroll allows us to endure some losses and bounce back stronger, allow us to have more confidence, to feel confident to risk more because our neck is not on the line. It’s expendable money so to speak.

So, it’s as simple as it can get. Save some winnings to build a bankroll, keep a sharp mind alcohol free, think logically and emotionless, and bet only according to that, not to prove something. Having the discipline to do all this will make us win more often, and this is the biggest gambling secret.