Gambling encouragement

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If we are reading this article is because we love gambling, and we really don’t need any encouragement to do it, but in reality, casinos do offer it, in the format of comps, so that we gamble more often. What are comps exactly? Basically, it’s getting free things.

Not all the casinos offer comps, but in some of them when we are playing our regular game, might this be a slot or a table game, we receive those benefits. Even if this is more common to happen in the US, some European casinos also offer them.

How much do we get exactly?

This will depend on our losses, but it’s not unusual to receive back comps with values between 10 and 20% of what we lost, which doesn’t mean we get cash back though. Most likely we will receive that value in meals or other amenities available in the casino complex.

Getting comps does require some knowledge, so let’s check out what we need to know to be more effective in getting them. The first thing we need to do is to get a players card. This might sound natural to some, but there are players that for some reason don’t want cards.

I suppose they don’t realize the benefits cards give them, or they think the card brings them bad luck, or simply prefer not to know how much money they are spending. The fact is that each action we take on the casino awards us a benefit if we have the card, or nothing if we don’t.

Finding the right specials

It is pretty much like buying a car or a house; we do not just get the first we see. The same happens with the casino or the game we are selecting to play; we just check the ones that are offering a bonus or even cash. These are called first-play incentives and are indeed a good way to engage more players.

Sometimes the specials are the ones finding us, and to make this happen all we have to do is to allow email communication when we are signing up. By allowing email, we are enabling monthly draws and promotions, as well as free coupons. What do we have to lose here?

As we mentioned above all is measured in points when we have a card, and when we reach an X amount of points we can get free meals or other benefits. Sometimes we are offered meal vouchers, we do not even get point deducted.

It is not only meals that casinos offer, depending on the casino there are other specials that can go from childcare to discounts for tournaments

More tips

The specials can also be specials days, what just means that in the slower days at the casinos we are offered extra points in discounts. If we have available time for those days, we might take on these offers. Usually, points expire after a year, so the trick here is to use them before they expire and we lose all the associated benefits.

Sometimes we can use these points to get discounts on the casino’s hotels rooms, or we simply have a special price for being a member. Do note that these are good discounts that sometimes can be superior to 50% standard rate. Nothing like paying attention to what casinos offer us, and add some savings and discounts to our entertainment.