Gambling Celebrities

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Most people like celebrities, being these actors, singers or sports people. We end up following their day-to-day life to some extent, so it’s interesting to know which celebrities share our gambling interests.

Most celebrities have been in Vegas now and again, with no surprise really given that apart from gambling we can find their world-class musical events and other types of entertainment. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas sums up the level of fun one can have there.

Celebrities do enjoy their privacy more than anyone does, and escaping from the media is certainly a big plus for them, apart from the many extravagant activities that are available. Also, many times having a celebrity at a casino is great advertising, they also get free stuff, not that they really need it of course.

A matter of habit

The fact that celebrities go to Sin City is not something new, as back in the 30s when gambling becomes legal, it was already a much-desired destination. The 50s were most likely when Vegas become more popular, and Sinatra was one of the big names performing there.

Being just one hour away from LA, the diversity of attractions that many times don’t exist anywhere else makes Vegas a big attraction even more for those that are rich and can afford the big hotel suites, top restaurants and, of course, the casinos.

Do note that it’s not just anyone that accesses those luxurious private rooms destined for high rollers, it’s just meant for celebrities and other personalities.

The names

At the end of the day, which celebrities are also notorious for loving gambling? The first name on our list has to be George Clooney, also famous for having made the Ocean’s 11 movies and sequel. His interest in gambling has started before that though, as his aunt was a singer that worked in Vegas so he has Vegas in his veins.

In his flexible schedules working as an actor, Clooney went often to Vegas to gamble, where he was also seen with Matt Damon and Brad Pitt playing Blackjack. Clooney hasn’t been particularly lucky at the tables, but the sale of his W hotel & Casinos have earned him and Damon over $200 million, not too bad, 150% profit of their original investment.

Ben Affleck is another star that loves to gamble, particularly Blackjack. The issue about Ben was that he was just bragging he was so good at the Blackjack that he could count the cards, something the casinos don’t enjoy, even if it’s legal.

This bragging and winning $140,000 in one single night got him a lifetime ban from the Blackjack tables at the Vegas Hard Rock Cafe, something he most likely hasn’t anticipated. He did become a legend that day though because all of his $140,000 winnings were offered as a trip to the casino staff.

What goes around comes around though, and one year later Ben won $800,000 playing Blackjack again, very good Karma. After Blackjack he got poker professionals to teach him what lead to winning the California Championship back in 2004 and a ticket for the WPT Finals, so it’s a solid case of gambling love.

Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Frank Sinatra, and even Playboy Bunnies are other famous personalities that love the casinos that we will be covering in future articles.