Gambling and Artificial Intelligence

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Gambling is one of the older and more interesting activities in the world. It has undergone several mutations and adjustments that allowed and enabled gambling to adapt to new realities and to engage more and more players worldwide.

Gambling and Artificial Intelligence

Gambling has evolved from something organized spontaneously on the streets, to illegal and then legalized brick and mortar casinos, and then gambling was also pioneer in the legitimization of internet, with online casinos.

Online casinos were a true revolution in gambling, doubling its revenues and creating limitless possibilities, making gambling and any gambling company a global player, limited only by legislation and not by technology.

Mobile just made the online gambling hype grow further, made it even more versatile, making it available 24/7 to the average citizen of the world.

A Matter of Impact

What if we said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would have a bigger impact than online and mobile had on gambling? Is this something believable? It certainly is, and Artificial Intelligence can once again reshape the face of gambling and make this to be the pioneer industry fully implementing new technology once more.

Behind the gambling scenes we find a lot of work related with query understanding and the retrieval of information and these two aspects are, in fact, the basics of Artificial Intelligence. For all that involves, the impact of AI in gambling will be deeper than mobile was.

Artificial Intelligence associated with gambling, gaming and deep learning is something very recent, even if AI has been around for quite a while, just without a practical gambling application.

Use Cases

Technological advances made the AI focus expand from the mere collaborative filtering used by Amazon, for example, to commercial Deep Learning and gradual gambling adoption. If mobile made possible thousands of new use cases, just by having a new user interface, AI will totally change what’s behind the interface.

There existing use cases of AI, like Alexa or real time translating, will start to be more common as well in gambling. We can think about, for example, personalized recommendations to enhance the user experience, leading to more players and more gaming activity.

Another plus for AI in gambling is the fact that it can effectively address, probably as never before, the issue and compliance of responsible gaming. Deep learning models can accurately identify gaming patterns to prevent and eradicate problematic gambling.

The Correct Approach

Gambling is at a point where the correct approach for integration is being selected. We can even say we are now at the same point where we were 10 years ago when the Gambling Industry decided to advance to mobile, but didn’t know exactly how. The results prove they did well.

The same is happening now with AI. Surely that mistakes will be made, implications regarding screen sizes or bandwidth will be overlooked, like happened with mobile, so the optimal use case will only appear after trial and error and with a lot of technological research.