Edgeless Casino Review

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Edgeless.io Full Crypto Casino: A Case Study

Cryptocurrencies are reshaping the existence of the online world. It’s changing the way users interact, it’s expanding markets, and online gambling is emerging of one of the central pieces of this new economy and structure.

Worries about security of the funds are relatively common in many traditional online casinos. The existence of a trustless casino, or blockchain casino, would – or does – solve these questions. Edgeless Casino is already a reality that is addressing this question.

The Edgeless casino lives on the Ethereum blockchain and was created with the goal of creating a gambling option free of risk and free of charge, a transparent virtual gambling location where scamming is not possible.

No edge

Being based on Ethereum, Edgeless.io is a smart-contract casino where users can monitor the games and transactions and insure the outcomes are not manipulated. The house edge that is usually charged by both online and physical casinos, around 1 to 5%, doesn’t happen here, something that doesn’t happen anywhere else in the gambling world.

The name of the casino says it all, it’s edgeless in the sense that operates with no edge. This allows the casino to win even when the player wins too, by keeping a percentage of the winnings, and not over the original bet.


Existing in the blockchain makes Edgeless a fully decentralized casino, which means there is no central authority. This is not a random claim, as any user can see the transactions happening in real time, preventing scams and theft, as the users can act when an incorrect transaction might appears.

This is made possible by the existence of plenty of public, free sites where it’s possible to monitor cryptocurrencies transactions. Being on Ethereum means the casino uses smart contracts. Smart contracts are nothing more than pre-defined conditions: if A happens, B happens too. If I win a bet, I get the prize.

This happens automatically and cannot be changed, assuring security and that no one will not get their rightful earnings. Trustless. The game offer is more limited than the conventional online casinos, but poker, blackjack and dices are available, as well as sport betting.


Anyone wanting to play in the platform just needs to make a registration with an email and an ETH wallet to be confirmed as a member, no other personal information is required, so it’s as simple as it gets.

After the registry it’s just a matter of start playing, and a win awards an immediate payment guaranteed by the Ethereum smart contract. The Random Number Generator used by the casino allows users to audit it and check the fairness of the game.

With the appearance of a multitude of cryptocurrencies platforms security has to game first, especially when we are talking about placing our money or funds in those platforms. Edgeless offers security and transparency in all its processes, doesn’t ask for personal information and allows users to supervise the operations, It’s a completely transparent process provided by the Ethereum blockchain.