E-Sports not working as intended in Las Vegas

Gambling in resort cities like Las Vegas has a longevity issue worse than the problems facing social security.  As baby boomers continue to age and reach past the point of being likely casino tourists, the younger millennial’s are not taking their place at the tables.   The problem seems to be that younger, computer savvy gamblers enjoy games of skill over games of chance.  Las Vegas has taken notice and major casinos are making changes aimed at younger gamblers, one has been a miss so far, and the other is not working as originally intended.

The two changes have happened at similar times, the introduction of skill-based gambling games at the casino and the hosting of major E-sports events, including the construction of a few venues designed specifically for E-sport viewing.  With only a limited bit of time available to draw a quick conclusion, it appears the skill-based gambling games are a bust as the game-play, while competitive and skill-based, is not exactly exciting to play for younger players.  Reports are that the few casinos that have opened skill-based gambling areas are not happy with the results thus far.  It must be mentioned that it is still early in the process, and the lack of advertising may be an issue as well as just not enough time to have players even know skill-based games exist.

The other outreach, the hosting of major E-Sport tournaments has been a major success on the surface.  Events are packed and sold out well in advance and the casinos are reporting that the events themselves are profitable.  The problem, from the perspective of the casino, is that the increased traffic and popularity of the events has not translated into those young visitors actually spending time in the casinos gambling.  Again it seems the millennials are much to computer savvy and are staying away from games, especially slot machines, where the house has a huge advantage.  Before the internet, and average tourist to Las Vegas would have little way to know how much different games give the house advantage.  The results speak for themselves, in survey after survey young gamblers in Las Vegas cite low house-advantage games such as Blackjack or Poker as being their choice.  Not only because of the low house advantage, but because of the feeling that skill is a big part of the game rather than just pulling the wheel of a slot machine and hoping for the best.