Deposits by Bitcoin

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By now, most people are aware of how easy it is to use a credit or debit card to deposit or withdraw funds and play online. But did you know that there is an even easier way?

There is, and it’s called Bitcoin.

You can still use debit cards and credit cards any time you like if they are convenient for you, and for many they still are, but you now have a new option to try out between them which may be to your liking more than what you currently use.

What is Bitcoin exactly?

It’s a digital currency that began as a way to seamlessly and freely send money across the internet from one person to another. At the onset, it started out catering to literally anything people would use it for, which temporarily gave it a reputation far different than what it is meant to be.

Today, Bitcoin has established itself once again as a nearly free, convenient, and readily available way to send and receive money to anyone anywhere, and that includes your favorite online casinos like the ones listed here.

It may stand to reason that you would prefer to use both methods and currencies to make life easier, but still, want to use your credit or debit card for other things, and you certainly can.

For example, maybe you want to keep payouts anonymous, but don’t mind having the deposits on file, or you get a deposit bonus with one site that offers more for using a credit card than another which uses bitcoin. Or maybe they are offering a bonus if you deposit with one and withdraw with the other?

You can mix and match accordingly with most of them as long as they know which your preference is for deposits and withdrawals. Some sites may assume you just want to use one form of payment for everything unless you tell them, but it’s perfectly logical that you may want to maximize getting the best bonuses by using a credit card for deposit and bitcoin for withdrawal to save on fees.

One thing I like about online casinos overall is that they are usually very flexible and willing to work with you these days to make your experience enjoyable. There is so much competition anymore from different sites that they really have to make sure you are happy and well taken care of!

You’ll want to create a free online wallet for your country first to get started with Bitcoin. The easiest way to do this if you’re in the US is to use Coinbase or Kraken. A link to Coinbase is at the end of this article for you and contains a very easy setup process to begin. Once you have one of those, you’ll be able to use it for any type of bitcoin transaction you want (whether it’s for depositing and withdrawing from your favorite online casinos, or for anything else). You also have the option to purchase bitcoin from Coinbase directly, link a bank account, and many other features you might find appealing for buying and selling more efficiently while saving money in the online world.

The sites listed above on the link are trusted sites we know of that use both bitcoin and debit or credit cards flexibly for any type of paid gaming you’d like to have fun with, but the potential and you get the most from them is endless when you combine and utilize today’s technology in electronic commerce to give yourself the best fit for your online gaming experience.