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Denmark is one of the oldest members of the European Union, has joined the EU on January 1st 1973. The currency hasn’t changed, as it is still used the Danish Krone (DKK). The country has a population of 5 659 715, statistics of 2015, and an area of 42 924 km². The capital is Copenhagen and the language spoken is Danish.

A legal example

Historically, in what gambling is concerned, Denmark always had a monopoly for gambling operations, both for online casinos as well as brick and mortar ones. New legislation did change this historical perspective, and this happened on January 1st, 2012, when the Danish gambling market was partially liberalized.

This new law made the legal scenario in the country be considered a legal example, and the reasons for this are the proposed purposes of the law that include measures to keep gaming at an acceptable level, what is seen as a measure against addiction.

The law, called the Danish Gaming Act, also covers topics as responsible gaming operations, preventing exploitation and addiction from youngsters, and preventing association of gambling with a crime.

Danish Gaming Act (DGA) and regulation

Apart from the purpose and definitions of gambling, licensing is also covered for the different types of games, as well as criteria for the offer of gambling in Denmark.

Overall, gambling is fully regulated in the country what makes it easier for operators to decide if they want to enter the country or not, but also for the players to gamble safer and with more quality.

Supervision and regulation are also covered by the law, namely the interaction between the DGA and other responsible organisms. Here it’s worth to mention the Ministry of Taxation that is responsible for taxes.

Online Gambling

The post era of the state monopoly in Denmark in what concerned gambling, is showing a clear direction for online gambling, also regulated by the Danish Gaming Act. There are secondary Executive Orders that complete the DGA, and among these, we also find those meant to cover betting in land-based operations, betting online and online casinos.

In 2008 the online gambling market was closed for foreign companies, but just a couple of years later they were allowed back in that market to compete with local gambling online operators. The new operators do need to get a license to enter the Danish market from the DGA, but this is a common procedure anywhere in the world.

Historic monopoly roots are still present, though, so in order to give an edge to local companies, the Danish government is making sure that foreign gambling companies only get their licenses after a long process.

Where to play

In this mix of the state-owned online casinos, and the new ones trying to get in the market, we find some quality casinos where Danish players can entertain themselves.

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