Is a Computer Program a Fair Dealer?

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Online Casino’s shouldn’t be some kind of black box that you just throw your money into. In this article, we’ll go into how the most reputable online casinos guarantee you’re getting fair odds.

First and foremost, you’ll notice that there isn’t a dealer in the traditional sense. While some online casinos now offer live online dealers, more often than not you’re going to be dealt with by a computer program. Now, this is of itself isn’t a bad thing because it keeps the clip of the game moving on. There’s no need for conversation or other things to hold you back from earning your profits! But how can you trust the ‘dealer’ is being straight with you? In general, all casino software uses something called a pseudorandom number generator. This is an algorithm that runs every time a card is dealt, a die is rolled, or a roulette ‘ball’ is dropped. Correctly implemented, a pseudorandom number generator will ensure that the game is fair.

Now, the inner workings of the software are completely invisible to you the user, for the most part. Sure, maybe you’re an excellent coder, cryptographer, and logger and you can make sense of everything that’s going on in the background, but for the majority of us, we won’t ever see what’s going on behind the curtain. Maybe the online casino you’re playing does have a pseudorandom number generator running on all their games. What’s to stop them from giving themselves a statistical edge within the program? That’s where auditing comes in.

Auditing companies are more often than not private, and not governmental, but many governments use these companies to regulate their own online gaming within their borders. In a previous article, we listed some countries that have good reputations with online gaming, all those countries guarantee that the online games coming from their countries are audited, else wise the company running the casino is doing so outside of regulations and can be fined or taken down.

An audit comes in two parts. The first part of the audit is to check the unpredictability of the games, in other words, to ensure that the pseudorandom number generator is implemented correctly and complying with the stated odds of the game. By going over the outcome of millions of games played, the auditors can tell, within a margin, if companies are skewing the odds in their favor. The other audit is in the payouts themselves, much like a traditional brick and mortar casino would do. With these two methods, an auditing company can tell, within a margin of certainty, that the casino they’re auditing is offering fair odds.

Most companies will proudly display who audits them, and this is as close as a sure guarantee that the site you’re looking at is at the very least fair to play on. Companies like and the Association of Professional Casino Webmasters</a> are two well-known companies, but there are plenty of other good and reputable auditing sources. Make sure to check with the ‘About Us’ section of good online sites to see who audits them.

You can, of course, always be sure that sites you find here at ask.casino are well audited and probably fair. So, how about setting aside your worries, sign up to a site, and have some fun?