Cheating in Casinos

Gambling involves many times high amounts of money, so there are always those that want to cash in some of that money without following the rules, what is commonly known by cheating. Basically, cheating is an action performed by the player or the house that is not allowed by the gambling authorities.

How far cheaters go can be sometimes surprising, as they can use machines to interfere with the integrity of the electronic games, and they can commit fraud with chips, among other creative methods, that can lead to prison depending on the jurisdictions.

Cheating can be, therefore, high tech, and change the outcome of slot machines for example, or it can be something as basic as replacing the smaller chip with larger ones after winning the hand. During game play, there are also several methods to mark cards, and this has to be one of the oldest tricks in the book to cheat.

Going up on the scale of complexity of cheating we find marked decks. This form of cheat usually happens with the collaboration of someone inside the casino, and these marks sometimes are very hard to detect. This is the reason why casinos replace their decks very often, to fight this sort of fraud. Signaling can also happen in poker or other card games, not only between players but also with the dealer.

Casinos also cheat

It’s not a surprise that some casinos also cheat, but the risks here are of an entirely new level because the investment to get a legal casino up and running is very high. Casinos might resort to technology, and also to tricks from the dealer to gain an illegal advantage against the players.

In these categories, we can find rigged roulette wheels, marked decks or dealing from the bottom or the top according to the convenience, shuffling and cutting falsely in order to retain cards, loaded dices or other equipment not approved by gambling authorities.

Cheating can also take the form of false advertising, when the casinos promise something and don’t pay, and can go as up as the corruption of the game regulator to allow that some infractions are permitted in casinos.

Avoiding cheating

The existence of gambling regulators and gambling laws are precisely to avoid cheating, but inside the casinos is where the regulations or laws have to be enforced. In order to reduce cheating, there are standard procedures not only to shuffle cards, but also how to store them, and how to open new decks. It’s a whole new world around a deck of cards!

Concerns exist not only around cards, and for this reason security cameras exist in abundance in the casinos. These security cameras are just the visible part of what’s behind them, recorders and multiple monitors that are tightly controlled to see if everything is in order, and to resolve disputes.

Facial recognition software, game play software that analyzes betting or payout patterns, are also used to preserve the integrity of the game, and provide a secure gambling experience to all the players.