Celtic Casino Live

Celtic Casino Review

Like many other online casinos, this brand welcomes players who are 18 and over. There are very limited country restrictions as well. One of the differences between this casino and the others that are available to players is that players will have live gaming available to them, players will have Blackjack and other games with a real live dealer in front of them on the screen. Live casinos somewhat bridge the gap between online casinos and land-based casinos, players can see a real person instead of just playing a video version of the games without any human interaction.

This casino has a great look and feel, players will have a green theme that is very modernized and recently just underwent a major overhaul in terms of the looks. The top of the main page will take you to all of the information necessary to sign up and play. Below that, a look at the games offered as well as a little bit of information on the promotions there as well.

Visionary iGaming Software

The software at this casino is a hybrid selection of Visionary iGaming software. The Visionary part of the equation is where the super unique live games come into play. The gaming styles include; Live Roulette, Live Baccarat and Live Blackjack. These games have dealers available to play with on a screen so that players can see what is going on with a real game. The Celtic Casino also has tournaments just like those found in land-based casinos. While it seems as though this game doesn’t have much to offer, the live games are much more intriguing than those found at regular online casinos. Every game type here at this casino is on the instant play Flash variant where players will simply access the games right through the browser window instead of downloading the casino to their computer.

Celtic Casino Bonuses Promotions

Promotions at this casino aren’t as exuberant as those found in some of the other online casinos. Players will have a 25% deposit match bonus for up to 1,000. This gives players a little bit of a push with the styles they decide to choose at this casino. On top of this promotion, the brand welcomes players to a variety of different choices which some, players will only be able to redeem on specific days of the week. For those who really like the casino, there is a Refer a Friend bonus that allows players to earn some cash when their friends make a deposit at the casino too.

Ways to Deposit

There are ample ways to deposit and withdraw at Celtic Casino and here they don’t expect players to know everything about all of the different options that are available so they make things quite a bit easier. Players can go to the banking page and then check out all of the banking styles side by side. These banking styles are great for players because they are pretty much the same as the other casino options that are available and players love the fact that they can deposit by credit cards.


Celtic Live Casino features a fine library of different games available to players with live dealers, a great alternative to the electronic gaming styles we typically see in online casinos. The promotional options at this casino start with a 25% deposit match bonus for up to €1000 with a 50% cash back bonus.

  • The live dealer gaming offers a unique gaming experience to players.

  • This casino does have some great features however, there have been several instances reported by players to multiple review sites illustrating that this casino confiscates winnings due to the player being in violation of the terms of the casino’s bonuses. Even after investigation and the findings to be bogus, the brand still stands firm on their decisions.