Casino Moons Coupon Codes

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This casino is available to players around the world, however... players are not able to fully sign up for this casino if they are from the USA even though it says on the website that USA players are accepted. This is concerning because we always want to make sure that players are given the correct information at sign up.

Casino Moons Review

Casino Moons is a different kind of casino, players will use this brand of gaming fun from home or their office. The online only casino is just as fun as what you would find in the land based casinos except without all of the hassle of leaving the house! Players of this casino come from around the world to play slots, table games, card games, video poker and many other types of games too. In addition to the games, players will also find promotions.

Casino Moons Bonuses

With this online casino, players have the ability to take out promotions each day of the week. They will have deposit match bonuses where they will make a deposit and then the casino will match it by a percentage that is pre-determined based upon the amount that the player decides to submit. The promotions at Casino Moons are daily which means that only certain offers are available on certain days.

Monday: There are two promotions on this day, players can take out a 150% deposit match bonus or a 200% deposit match bonus. When redeeming the higher bonus, players will need to deposit at least $200.

Tuesday: There are four different deposit types available on this day. Players will have a 150% deposit match bonus for deposits of $200 or more, a 200% deposit match bonus for deposits ranging from $200 to $499. The final two deposit match bonuses are 250% and 300% and are from deposits ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Wednesday: Wednesday also has a couple of bonuses, three to be exact. They range from 150% to 250% and can be for deposits as low as $200 and as much as $500.

Thursday: Just like Wednesday, players can deposit as little as $200 and earn a 150% deposit match bonus. On the other end of the spectrum, high rollers who are depositing at least $1,000 will get a 300% deposit match bonus.

Friday: On the lighter side, Friday comes in with a 150% deposit match bonus and a 250% deposit match bonus for deposits between $20 and beyond $200.

Saturday: Three more deposit match bonuses are available here from 250% to 350%. The minimum amount to deposit in order to take advantage of the promotions is $500.

Sunday: The promotions for this day range from 150% to 250% and give players the ability to deposit as little as just $20 to qualify.