Casino Dealer

When we think about casinos we think about gambling, entertainment, winning prizes, being with friends, but how often do we think about a central figure in the casino, the Dealer?

Usually, we go to the casino for all the reasons mentioned above, but above all to play. Guess what, the Dealer works there and get paid to play cards all day long with other people.

Surely, not everything is pleasant, as some players might be hard to deal with, pretty much like happens in any other job. Still focusing on the quality of the casino Dealer job, it seems to be a booming industry, so it’s a solid job if we have the capacity to do it well.

Working as a Dealer

We have already mentioned some obvious reasons why to work as a dealer, and the pay is certainly another one, sometimes over €20 per hour. Not bad to start with, a position of responsibility deserves an according to pay.

On top of good pay, we find that we don’t need to have any long education for the job, as usually a couple of weeks training are enough to perform properly. More, there are casinos that allow their employees to get internal training for the Dealer position, making, therefore, possible promotion from positions with inferior pay.

Surely, we also have casinos that hire dealers with more experience and that have courses from dealing schools, and these come with the expertise to deal blackjack and other games more demanding than craps or roulette.

Usually, benefits and working conditions are a plus, as commonly happens in most large companies. Even if many Dealers still have to work on smoking environments, usually there is good ventilation, and meals have top quality and are for free or very cheap.

Flexible conditions

Working in shifts is a possibility as many casinos have 24 hours service, and as the Dealer’s attention has to be at their best, they just work for an hour or an hour and thirty minutes, and then have a 30-minute break.

Doing the math we realize that for an 8 hours workday, it’s just an effective 6 hours work, not bad at all. Mobility is also a possibility dealer have, especially when we are working for a group that has several casinos.

Impossible to talk about the Dealers, and not mention the tips. The payments we mentioned above are the ones paid by the casino, but tips have a significant impact on what they earn.

Naturally that the tips depend a lot on how friendly we are, how well we treat the players, so this is a very good area for the dealers to improve themselves, human interaction.

Tips can be divided by all the dealers, according to the hours each one worked, or each one can keep their own, so this will depend on each casino.

An interesting life experience

Working in a casino is not for everyone, but it’s certainly a great experience. Just imagine the stories of success and failure at the tables, lives being changed right in front of our eyes. Seems pretty engaging to be a casino dealer, so if you are out of a job or are just in need for a temporary one, you might give it a try, and who knows to make a career as a Dealer.