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Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since January 1st, 2007. Its capital is Sofia and has an area of 110 370 km². According to the census of 2015, the population is 7 202 198, being the official language Bulgarian. Unlike most other European Union countries, the currency of Bulgaria is not the Euro, but the Bulgarian Lev, that is worth approximately half a Euro or half a USD.

The Bulgarian language is far from being one the most widely spoken in the world, and even if it’s spoken in other Eastern European countries, the casinos need to have it so that national citizens who don’t speak other language understand the site. At the end of the article, we will indicate some trusted casinos in the Bulgarian language.

In reality, many of the Bulgarian casinos offer multilingual gaming, and might even load by default another language. Among these are English, Greek, Romanian, Russian, but to switch languages is pretty simples, it’s just a matter of looking for the Bulgarian flag or the letters BG and hit that button.


Even if in Bulgaria gambling is legal, it’s a market that has heavy taxation and regulation. Similarly to other countries, gambling operators have to acquire a license and support all the associated fees. The legality of gambling is relatively recent, though, as until 1993 it was illegal, like most countries that belonged to the Soviet Union. Legalization came in 1993, but more effective regulation only appeared in 1998, the date when the State Commission for Gambling started to issue licenses to operators.

As for online gambling, it’s legal in since 2008, and regulation appeared in 2012, so it’s something very recent. That law required that the online operators pay 15% of the turnover as taxes, and those operators without a license are inserted to a permanently growing blacklist that has over 350 sites. The penalty for the blacklisted sites is that they are blocked by internet providers, so they stop being online.

As in other countries, the motivation to regulate online gambling was precisely the revenues that it generates, but the high taxes didn’t convince companies to invest, and this made that the Bulgarian government changed the online gambling law again in 2013. Instead of that 15% turnover, operators are now just asked to pay about €50.000 one-time license, along with 20% gross profits.

As soon as the taxes were lowered, more online gambling operators applied for licenses in Bulgaria, and as a result, the state earned approximately $20 million in just half the year of 2014.

A matter of currency

Considering that in Bulgaria the currency is not the Euro, the question is raised in what concerns the accepted currencies for online casinos. As many Bulgarian casinos also operate internationally, we can find there the Euro as the main currency.

We can also find casinos that target directly Bulgarian players and, therefore, use the Lev as their main currency. Apart from the Euro and the Lev, the Ruble (Russia), the Leu (Romania) and the Dinar (Serbia) are other used currencies in online casinos in Bulgaria.

Jurisdiction and banking options

Players from other countries are also welcomed to gamble in online casinos in Bulgaria. If you are a Bulgarian residing in another country, for example, you are welcome to play online in your native language. Just in case, nothing like confirming in the registration page if the country we are currently in is on the allowed list, and in the case of doubts, we should contact the casino directly.

As for deposits and withdrawals, the most common options are available in Bulgaria: credit cards, money transfer, and e-wallet services, both from regional and international companies. Before deciding to deposit, is advisable to analyze these offers, according to the terms and fees apply.

In what withdrawals are concerned, players need to be aware that when the deposit is made with a certain e-wallet, they might be required to cash out using that same method. Usually, checks and bank transfers are also available.

Where to play?

When looking for reliable top rated casinos in Bulgaria, there are quite a few options available. We leave here a few suggestions where online gambling is safe and entertaining.

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