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Box24 Casino Experience

Accessing Box24 Casino homepage means finding games, a lot of games, covering almost the whole initial page. The top of the page presents a game search feature, and underneath we find a few big banners announcing new games and promotions.

At the left of the page, there is the main menu that covers Slots, Classic Slot, Live Casino, Table Games, Video Poker, Races, and Promotions.

What to love about Box24 Casino

Games everywhere: A player comes to the casino to play, so getting to Box24 and finding games all over, clearly organized by categories, has to be a plus. The site doesn’t a link for “Games”, like most other casinos do have because most the menus are a game subcategory.

Game links: Each game is presented individually on the homepage or in their category interior pages in an animated way. We see the name of the game, and some have the New or Hot banner, as well as a button to add the game to the favorites. Hovering the mouse on top of the presentation image switches to a screenshot of the actual game, and also the option to Play Now or Try Now.

About Us section: Box24 presents itself to the users and their 17 years of experience in the business. Announcing their Vision, their Mission, Business, and Strategy is a good first step for the player feel comfortable at the casino.

What is strange about Box24 Casino

Support: The site doesn’t present a live chat, a phone number or an email contact for support. The support page is a mere FAQ for the player to read. Very far from the ideal situation for any player in need for help.

Promotions: The promotions page has too much going on at the same time. I think it’s great that the casino offers many promotions, but the way they are structure can be overwhelming for the player. A cleaner presentation from this section would be an improvement.

Banking links: The links for banking are not concentrated in the same place. We have separate links for Deposit and Withdrawal on the main menu, but at the bottom of the page we do find an integrated version with “Simple & Secure Fees”.

Banking fees: The linking is not the worst about Box24 banking though, the withdrawal fees are. Deposits are possible using VISA/MasterCard, Ecopays or Bitcoin, no fees applied. Withdrawals are only possible by Bank wire, Paper check or e-check, and fees ranging from 10 to 23€ apply.

Community: The community link is misleading, as when clicking on it I was expecting to find a place where I could interact with other members of the casino, but instead I am presented with access to the VIP Club, Promotions page, and Responsible Gaming.

Navigation: Navigation is far from being optimized, what results in links existing on subcategories connecting back to main categories.

Approved by: At the bottom of the site we find several options: Language, Overview, Business Terms, Community, and Approved By. Underneath all these categories we find a list of items, except under Approved By, which is blank, leading to believe the casino is not approved.

Box24 Casino Rating: 5/10

Box24 has an abundance of game offers and the capacity to present themselves well, but when digging deeper we find some very disappointing aspects, namely banking fees, and support. This, along with poor navigation, gives this casino a 5 out of 10 rating, so play at your own risk, and with the uncertainty of getting support when you might need it the most.