Realtime Gaming Casinos Now Accepting Bitcoin

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Founded back in 1998, Real Time Gaming has been the top online casino choice for players within the USA. For awhile, the brand was the only one operating for players within the country which didn’t seem to be much of an issue as the company continued to innovate and create new features for it’s existing players. In total the brand now is home to more than 175 different games within a library that is packed with excitement within each category.

Realtime Gaming Casinos Now Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin, sometimes referred to as Cryptocurrency is leading the way for safe transactions. Not only pertaining to online casinos but also pertaining to buying and selling goods from individuals and stores. In most recent news, we are seeing more and more casinos offering the option to use Bitcoin as a deposit option and some will also offer it as a withdrawal method as well. Prior to making a deposit via Bitcoin, players will need to have their account set up and funded prior to the deposit going through.

Bitcoin is completely electronic and allows players to sign up through two different websites, circle.com and coinbase.com either of these websites are easy to use and will help players to manage their bitcoin account. For the most part, when it comes to making deposits this way players will only use their online casino’s cashier platform to initiate the transfer of funds. After the initial setup, the deposits process is simple.